Dream on Walter Mitty.

by Jewish Report | Nov 04, 2013

Two neurons that don’t spark simultaneously -
A black comedy sans music

I have always observed and thought of Ben Turok as a wishy-washy ANC back-bencher in Parliament, more concerned with retaining his seat in Parliament, the income it guarantees him, and being “a disciplined member of the party”, but for standing up at this time in the Marius Fransman anti-Semitism issue, full marks. Don’t know how much good it will do him in the ANC, but let’s see.

 Of course what we are currently experiencing in South Africa as we head towards parliamentary elections is down and dirty, gutter-type attempted populist appeal to the lowest common denominator with Fransman and Malema heading the dastardly ratings. With Malema’s stupid attempts at using whites as the bogeymen, it should make at least the white part of our population know and understand how we as Jews feel when we are singled out as so deftly illustrated by Fransman, not once, but twice.

Now we have Fransman trying to do the soft-shoe shuffle without realising he is emulating a famous Jewish comedian, Jackie Mason – “I said, I didn’t say, but I meant to say, what I said was perceived incorrectly, it is everyone else’s misunderstanding of what I said, do they understand English because I don’t, I mean I do but they don’t, but I do mean what I say, but I meant to say but didn’t say, oh yes, I unreservedly apologise for the perception but not the substance, as I say what I mean, but I don ‘t understand what I say or said and the 95 to 98 percent of all properties the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town were rented in Cape Town and I am sure it must belong to Jews and anyway, Jews are always at fault and guilty, as we all know. How useful. How convenient… even if they don’t.

Hersch - the graphic we created to illustrate a David Hersch piece on Marius Fransman

PIC LEFT: In March Hersch wrote a blog called DUMB IS AS DUMB DOES in which he wrote: “Here we have a verbal example of the timeless cartoon of a man sawing a branch whilst sitting on the wrong side of it…” This led MyShtetl to create this cartoone of it…” This led MyShtetl to create this cartoon

“I am sure the sun rises in the east because of the Jews, it must be the Jews, who else can it be and how do I get the Muslims on my side to vote ANC when we have no policy and gutter-politics have worked so well for centuries and only seventy odd years ago the Nazis were so successful with it and aren’t the Muslims emulating this around the world today and if so, surely it will work for me and if I can deliver the Cape Province and Cape Town to my masters in the ANC… and then who knows, I can become the prime minister of the Cape where I can dither, beat about the bush, say and not say, mean and meant to say to my hearts’ content and Tony Ehrenreich can be the new mayor of Cape Town and stop moaning and complaining …. and I will have spin-doctors to correct and confuse….. Anyway there has been so much excrement flung around Cape Town in recent times why are they singly me out? It is racist discrimination I tell you… and of course it is the Jews, always the Jews. Who else can it be and just look at them complaining now when I perceived to say what I meant to say but it just wasn’t perceived as it should have been”.

Dream on Walter Mitty.

The question we should all be asking is whether we can fling racist comment about as we like and when we are reported to the “august” South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), can we also ignore them, call the complaints “frivolous”, state that our accusers are “abusing” the SAHRC and then sit back and pick our noses?

What this is all about is that Fransman arrived at the Cape Town Press Club with nothing to say, nothing in the vacuum between his ears representing a political party with no policy, no direction and nowhere to go. His arrogance, bigotry, blindness and concept of unassailability allowed him, without a single thought, without any sense of right or wrong, without morality, without the slightest application of some brain activity, to put his head down and, like the proverbial bull, once more charge into the china shop…. and the Press Club was there to report on it. Clever!

Fransman doesn’t have two neurons that spark simultaneously.


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