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Urgent Kashrut notices on various items

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Anat (Cape and Joburg); Ladysmith Butter; McCains; and Finn Crisp have all had products withdrawn from the Beth Din list or have incorrectly marked packaging according to a Kashrut Department announcement today. Kashniks in both the communities falling under the Cape Town and Johannesburg kashrut departments of the Beth Din are affected and should take careful note of the implications of this announcement.
by ANT KATZ | Jan 30, 2015

It would seem that the UOS’s kashrut departments have had a busy first few weeks of January as they announced five cautionary notices in one foul swoop today - their first Kashrut Notice of the year.

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“Anat’s Pita in Johannesburg is Parev and Mehadrin when bearing a Beth Din sticker,” says the notice.

However, “Anat’s Pita in Cape Town is Parev and not Mehadrin, unless indicated otherwise,” says the wrning, noting that the hechsher “is incorporated on their packaging.” So, Kashniks, watch for that one, especially in Cape Town.


“Ladysmith Butter is incorrectly labelled as Parev. This product is Milchik,” warns the notice. Well, one wouldn’t expect anyone with a modicum of common sense to to not realise that mistake, but hopefully the Beth Din will ensure that the packaging is either replaced or that stickers are placed over the incorrect hechsher.


“McCains Brocolli erroneously bears a Beth Din logo,” says the notice, but that “this product is not certified as kosher.” Again, one would imagine that the error will be corrected as soon as possible – but as that is not always the case, Kashniks, keep your eyes open for this one.


The notice simply states that: “Finn Crisp is no longer approved by the Beth Din.” Under the circumstances and until notified to the contrary, one should consider that this applies to all Finn Crisp products.


  1. 5 English Teacher 01 Feb
  2. 4 ANT KATZ 01 Feb
    Haha - thanks teach. In our rush to get the info out to the kosher community before Shabbat, we didn't spot that one. It is verbatim as the kashrut department sent it us:

    “McCains Brocolli erroneously bears a Beth Din logo.”

    We now note another error as McCain is the name of the brand, so should the product not then correctly be called "McCain's Broccoli" with an apostrophe "s"? 

    We-a Culpa too!   -Online Editor
  3. 3 Denis Solomons 02 Feb
    I like the word " Kashniks ! "
    Does that mean people who are kosher and observe Kashrut ! ?
    Do you think it is in the Oxford dictionary ! ?
    We live in interesting times .
  4. 2 david 15 Feb
    And here I was so stupidly believing that I could safely eat broccoli   ( sic)
  5. 1 Talmon 16 Feb
    You can eat broccoli David, but only after you pay. Then suddenly it becomes kosher.


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