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  • Delving deeper – Yom Kippur

    Oct 01, 2014
    “On Rosh Hashanah we planned and mapped out our future. On Yom Kippur we take practical steps to make sure that we get there,” explains Rabbi Shmuel Bloch in his engaging style. This is a great read for the whole family. Print it out and read it at the erev-Yom Kippur table…
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  • Unity - It's surreal and frightening

    Sep 10, 2014
    In another of his fascinating DELVING DEEPER thoughts, Rabbi Shmuel Bloch gives us a different take on religious and secular events around us. “Take a glance at the news from Israel this week,” he writes, “It's the usual stories. Reports of feriebels (in-fighting), factionalism and bickering top the headlines. Yet, just a few weeks ago Israel was at war and a totally different spirit and outlook pervaded the country.”
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  • Cops botch R. Berland arrest once again

    Sep 10, 2014
    Reporting in mainstream Israeli newspaper ARUTZ SHEVA on Tuesday, Chaim Lev wrote that the fugitive “head of Shuvu Banim (Breslov) sect Rabbi Eliezer Berland, wanted for sex crimes in Israel, once against manages to evade South African police. The incident was almost a mirror-image of his previous escape – a wedding, a look-alike, and R. Berland slips away. Hundreds of his supporters are pouring in for the holidays.
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  • Gourmet Kosher Food Fest starts Thursday

    Aug 27, 2014
    The Greenside Shul is holding SA’s first Gourmet Kosher Food Festival from Thursday to Sunday. The stalls are sold out and the event has everything for the kosher family – from kids and adult entertainment, Food, Art exhibitions, Wine and Cheese tasting and sales, Yom Tov gifts and so much more. And plenty of freebies to boot! Read all about it...
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  • Do we really have a kosher meat crisis?

    Aug 27, 2014
    UOS Executive Director Darren Sevitz says: “There is no shortage of meat. There is an abundance of sensationalist journalism designed to create panic for no good reason.” Ian Lurie of Nussbaums, arguably the largest kosher butchery in SA, says: “We are experiencing a shortage in supply of beef and lamb.” Dr Shaun Morris, a specialist feedlot expert, veterinarian and long-standing shareholder of one of the larger kosher butcheries in Johannesburg, told JR Wednesday: “I concur with Ian Lurie that there is a shortage.”
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  • Ask The Rabbi

    Aug 20, 2014
    The question: A Jewish man who has signed a Living Will becomes very sick. He is suffering badly and is on life support. The doctors believe he has no chance of recovery. The man’s family believe it is time to carry out his Living Will and allow him to die, but want his rabbi to concur. Does Jewish law allow the rabbi to do this?
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  • Read the Chief Rabbi’s message to SA Jewry

    Aug 18, 2014
    Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein urged all Rabbis to devote their sermons this past Shabbos to the importance of peace and respect in our community. “Let us all come together as one community in the spirit of our world-renowned menschlichkeit and unity and above all let us just remember to be nice to one another,” was the essence underlying of the Chief Rabbi’s message.
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  • Open letter to G-d: The murder of our sons

    Jul 09, 2014
    Rabbi Dr Nathan Lopes Cardozo writes an Open Letter to G-d “In memory of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer, and Naftali Fraenkel”. He questions how G-d can have allowed this to happen. The esteemed scholar asks many questions of G-d and answers most of them himself. Read this fascinating piece, find out more about Rabbi Cardozo and how to contact him directly…
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  • Two new posts for growing band of fans

    Jun 29, 2014
    THE KOTZK BLOG by Rabbi Gavin Michal has become quite a sensation on SAJR Online – with a fast-growing fan-base and one of the most commented-on writers on this website. Michal is a scholar of the writings of the Kotzker Rebbe and calls his own blogs: “Musings on the Teachings of Kotzk.” For those who don’t enjoy devening, writes the Rav, Not all children of old hippies go around singing ‘Kumbaya.’ And in a lesson to parents and Torah teachers, he asks whether their kids/students really WANT to be frum?
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  • Breakfast with the champions – of kosher quirks!

    Jun 18, 2014
    You’ve followed them on Kashrut-SA. Now imagine being one of three lucky winners of a breakfast with Kashrut-SA’s Darren Sevitz (UOS CEO) vs. well-known businessman Howard Sackstein? These two are famously funny on zany issues of kashrut (see and so Jewish Report has managed to get them to agree to share a breakfast at Mooz with three readers.
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  • Tzedakah - cornerstone or stumbling block?

    Jun 15, 2014
    “They are not praying for me but preying upon me,” writes RABBI GAVIN MICHAL of what he calls “spiritual trickery and what I believe to be financial thievery” by an organisation who have been distributing pamphlets in Shuls. “The poor will finally know what it’s like to be wealthy, and children will began (sic) applying themselves industriously to their learning to the point where mothers will rub their eyes in disbelief and excitement…” Rabbi Michal quotes from the pamphlet.
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  • Rabbinic scandal rocks the Western Cape

    Jun 11, 2014
    Mainstream media, including widely distributed newspapers City Press and Rapport and community radio station ChaiFM have given voice to the recent Milnerton and Sephardi Shul scandal that has rocked Cape Town Jewry. Read the emotional letter of “Apology & Teshuva” written by now-disgraced Rabbi Bryan Opert to the members of both Shuls after he was caught blackmailing Sephardi Rabbi and Beth Din member Rabbi Suiza.
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  • You’ve read them, now breakfast with them

    Jun 11, 2014
    You’ve followed them in action online, you know it’s something you enjoy reading, now here’s your opportunity to watch them in action, live, at a delicious Mooz breakfast to boot! Three lucky winners will laugh themselves silly and be the envy of the kosher community - compliments of the SA Jewish Report. Read all about it…
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  • Cape Jewry one step closer to getting eruv

    Jun 01, 2014
    Cape Town city council last week recommended developing a citywide eruv policy taking them a step closer to a 13-year goal of an enlarged eruv. Alan Levin of Sea Point says whenever Jewry tried to put in an eruv “the city tried to block it.” Last year some non-Jewish residents labelled an eruv “unconstitutional.” Says Levin: ''The city puts up 16,000 Christmas lights, the least they can do is [allow us] to put up 16 poles [between Sea Point and Camps Bay]."
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  • Rebbetzen Tehila Berland flies into Joburg

    May 07, 2014
    LATEST: R. Eliezer Berland was at “Next Door” last week Tuesday evening; his wife flew in from Israel on the Monday accompanied by his Zim follower Yaron Yamin; Yamim to meet SAJR on the Wed for interview & attempt to facilitauvu Banim Yeshiva; Berland’s in regular phone contact with followers at Yeshiva; and Yamim building Yeshiva compound in Zim
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  • Beth Din to accredit local Soferim as ‘kosher’

    Apr 30, 2014
    The Joburg Beth Din is to accredit local Soferim as ‘kosher’ after complaints of Pasul products in the market
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  • Speaking for Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Berland

    Apr 28, 2014
    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! SAJR Online challenged Rabbi Berland, head of Yeshivas Shuvu Banim (a stone’s throw from the Kotel), to contact us with regard to an interview last Wednesday. One of his followers, Yossi, who is close to Berland, has been communicating with SAJR Online editor Ant Katz since Thursday and agreed to an interview from Jerusalem on Friday.
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  • Fugitive Rabbi, followers, cause uproar

    Apr 23, 2014
    faced with hundreds of followers of alleged Israeli sex-pest Rabbi Eliezer Berland in Joburg for Pesach, Chief Rabbi retracted his initial instruction
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  • Chief Rabbi: Don’t shelter Berland

    Apr 14, 2014
    Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein has called on the SA Jewish community not to shelter or support Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who fled Israel after accusations of sexual assault. Rabbi Berland is the head of the Shuvu Banim Chassidic sect. More Pictures in story...
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  • Preparing for Pesach inspiration

    Apr 09, 2014
    We have just started the month of Nissan, a very special time of year. It is the month of Pesach, obviously, but the month of Nissan is of particular significance in the Jewish calendar. This significance relates to Pesach and to many other issues that we face in life. Read the Chief Rabbi's advise to us all...
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