• GillianCultures

    New Year across cultures

    Sep 14, 2017 Go comment!
    Make resolutions. Drink. Watch fireworks. Drink some more. Break said resolutions. This basically sums up a typical New Year celebration in the Western world. While there’s no shortage of food, drink, or celebration, Rosh Hashanah has more serious undertones. Here’s how various cultures mark the beginning of their New Years.
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    • howard feldman

    The ‘gratitude’ of shul shareholders

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    I was unsurprisingly late for shul. And because I was rushing I got caught behind two senior female members of the congregation who were in front of me on the makeshift path that led towards the entrance.
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    • JTARecipeChicken

    Pomegranate and honey-glazed chicken

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    Pomegranates, or rimonim in Hebrew, are among the most recognisable and highly symbolic fruits in Jewish culture. Originating in Persia, these reddish, thick-skinned fruits (technically a berry) begin to appear in markets at the end of summer and are readily available for holiday cooking by Rosh Hashanah.
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    • SharonGlass1

    Snoek balls with lemon sauce

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    These light-as-a-feather snoek fish balls are the perfect starter for your Yomtov table. They can be prepared and rolled the day before, kept in the fridge and only cooked the day you need them.
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    • Inside the shul 100th in 2006

    Lions Shul still open for business 116 years later

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    Thursday, September 7, 2017: Doornfontein Shul in Johannesburg, (more fondly known as the Lions Shul), is now 116 years old. It is the last of 10 shuls which were in the area and remarkably, it still has a bright future thanks to the love of its congregants.
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    • rosh2

    Is a sweet year always good?

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    The well-known Rosh Hashanah greeting “Wishing you a good sweet year”, suggests a happy and joyful year ahead, as symbolised by the apple and honey. However, taking this literally, do “sweet” and “good” necessarily go together?
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    • ParshaRabbiWidmonte

    Redeeming your miles

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    Three thousand two hundred and eighty nine years ago, in this week’s Torah portion, the world’s longest droshah ended.
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    • ParshaRabbiSackstein

    Hippies and holiness

    Aug 31, 2017 Go comment!
    The anti-establishment movement of the sixties questioned the core values of Western society. This movement was born by a motivation to challenge societal norms in the search for truth, meaning and morality. Unfortunately, all too often these noble intentions became blurred in the chaos of rebellion.
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    • Yossy

    Here comes the judge

    Aug 24, 2017 1 Comment
    Don’t be judgmental. Unless, of course, you happen to be a judge. Then it’s your job.
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    • ilan hermann

    ‘This day’ we brace for the redemption

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    Moshiach is the catalyst that will bring about the emancipation of mankind and of the world. The Messianic arrival ushers a transition from a historically lengthy period of Divine concealment, to a time of Divine manifestation, where the process of history and G-d’s purpose in His creation, culminates and is revealed.
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    • ParsahRabbiBloch

    Dynamite comes in small packages

    Aug 10, 2017 Go comment!
    We are all familiar with the overused cliché about the power of what one small deed can achieve. Paradoxically, because this cliché is so overused, one can become desensitised as to the true power and infinite value of a so-called “trivial and minor deed”.
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    • yonatan landau

    A prayer expressing our loyalty to Hashem

    Aug 03, 2017 Go comment!
    Rabbi Lazer Silver was an outstanding Torah scholar and leader.
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    • RabbiStern

    Never alone!

    Jul 27, 2017 Go comment!
    Towards the end of his life, in the fifth book of the Torah - Deuteronomy - Moshe re-tells the story of the Jewish People’s journey in the desert. He recalls the time when he appointed new leaders, heads of tribes, to assist him in leading the people.
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    • Goldlman

    Priorities and price tags

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    Is it the money or the man, the cash or the kids? What is most important in our lives? Of course, no one ever admits to putting money ahead of their children, but is it not an all too common phenomenon? Aren’t most parents, even good parents, guilty of making that mistake now and then?
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    • RabbiYossyGoldmanpic1 HOME

    Destiny beckons

    Jul 13, 2017 Go comment!
    How did an unknown youngster suddenly rise to prominence? Pinchas, the hero of this week’s parsha, was previously unheard of. Though, as a grandson of Aaron, he belonged to the “royal family”, he was an unseeded young man, who, with a single act of bravery was catapulted to stardom.
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    • ParshaVayeitzeiRabbi

    If someone wants to do something good - embrace it

    Jul 06, 2017 Go comment!
    The story of Bilam presents a glaring question to us about Hashem’s attitude towards us and the decisions we make.
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    • Nossel

    Medical symbol - from the Greeks or G-d?

    Jun 29, 2017 Go comment!
    Ever wondered what the medical emblem of the snake wrapped around a stick means? No doubt you're familiar with it - it's used around the world and it's in the centre of the Magen David of the emblem of our very own Hatzolah. But what does it mean?
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    • ParshaRabbiPink

    Every Jew has a role in the greater scheme of things

    Jun 22, 2017 Go comment!
    When we look at the biblical account of Korach's rebellion against Moses and at the numerous commentaries which describe Korach's personality and actions, it paints quite a interesting picture.
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    • ParshaRabbiasherDeren

    Spying on Judaism?

    Jun 15, 2017 Go comment!
    Someone came in to my office on Tuesday with questions. Pretty strong ones too. About religion, G-d, and Torah; questions that I've heard before. But after 45 minutes he stood up and said words I very rarely hear: "Thanks rabbi, you've answered my questions."
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    • ParshaRevMatzner

    Mitzvah 384 helps us clear our minds

    Jun 08, 2017 Go comment!
    Only a few weeks ago, in Parshat Bechukotai, we came across the expression “walking casually with G-d”.
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