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Nussbaums gets the all clear following listeria fear

  • Zhukovka kosher chef
Nussbaums Kosher Butchery this week was given the thumbs up that all traces of listeria had been successfully eradicated, and the popular butchery and eatery was given the all clear to operate. The SA Jewish Report has seen a certificate of food safety to prove it.
by NICOLA MILTZ | Aug 10, 2018

It follows concern last week, after traces of listeria were confirmed as having been found at Nussbaums Butchery.

Nussbaums Chief Executive Baruch Lurie told the SA Jewish Report that the company had undergone “rigorous testing” and intense hygiene protocols, and that he was pleased to inform us that it had “been given a 100% clean bill of health”.

He gave his assurance that Nussbaums had the “safest products and the best quality meat on the market”.

Following the listeria scare last week, Nussbaums immediately consulted with its food safety auditor and meat expert. Nussbaums then followed all the auditor’s recommendations and instructions, adhering to strict food-safety compliance.

It outsourced the cleaning to a reputable company, which the SA Jewish Report has verified is an industry leader in chemical cleaning and sanitisation. This company conducted an intense intervention protocol at the facility.

The owner of the cleaning company, who asked not to be named, confirmed in writing to the SA Jewish Report this week that a “thorough hygiene and sanitation protocol, known as a pathogen protocol, was conducted on 26 July”.

“This included the deep cleaning and sanitising of all our food contact surfaces, equipment, and environment with highly specialised chemicals,” said Lurie.

He said microbiological swabs were taken in all these areas, “which confirmed our clean bill of health”.

Lurie assured that microbiological swabs would continue to be taken to ensure the standard was upheld.

All deli products have been sent to High Pressure Processing (HPP) SA. “This process gives us a 100% guarantee that all potential harmful substances and bacteria are eradicated, and that the final product holds the highest safety standard achievable,” Lurie said.

Lurie said Nussbaums would continue to process all deli products at HPP on an ongoing basis.

In a statement released this week, Nussbaums said that in addition to this, it had asked its suppliers going forward to submit full microbiological reports on products entering the facility to ensure that all of its meat supply was compliant and safe.

The company’s staff have undertaken further hygiene training, and will continue to be trained on good manufacturing processes and compliance.

“Hygiene, food safety, and cleaning checklists and protocols are managed and overseen by our in-house food safety officer. This is all documented on an ongoing basis,” the statement said.

Lurie said all delivery vans underwent weekly sanitisation. Refrigerated vans were monitored daily for temperature control.

Daily temperature checks on chillers, fridges, and freezers were conducted, documented, and managed throughout the day.

“We will always uphold our commitment to health, safety and quality,” he said.

There are two other kosher butcheries in Johannesburg, Moishes Butchery and Maxi Discount Kosher Butchery. They maintain that they adhere to a daily protocol of hygiene and cleaning procedures.

Moishes Butchery said this week that a laboratory report had confirmed there were no traces of listeria present. The store said it followed its own daily in-house cleaning schedule and protocols. It undertook independent laboratory testing last week following the listeria hype, and was pleased to say that there were no traces of listeria present.

Likewise, Maxi Discount Kosher Butchery also conducts its own in-house cleaning schedule and protocols. It has also undertaken independent laboratory testing, the results of which are still pending at the time of going to press.

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  1. 1 Stan Klaff 10 Aug
    All fine and well but it begs the question as to how it reached this stage in the first place - slamming the door after the horse has bolted!


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