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  • All stories related to Breslev Rabbi Berland

    Apr 28, 2014 2 Comments
    With the hullabaloo going on about Rabbi Berland and the Shuvu Banim Breslovs, SAJR Online has had close to 5,000 reads on the matter. To assist users wishing to follow specific aspects of the story or choosing to read back to catch up, SAJR is publishing a single index document.
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  • Speaking for Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Berland

    Apr 28, 2014 9 Comments
    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! SAJR Online challenged Rabbi Berland, head of Yeshivas Shuvu Banim (a stone’s throw from the Kotel), to contact us with regard to an interview last Wednesday. One of his followers, Yossi, who is close to Berland, has been communicating with SAJR Online editor Ant Katz since Thursday and agreed to an interview from Jerusalem on Friday.
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  • 20 years on and the love continues

    Apr 26, 2014 Go comment!
    SA Jewry is highly regarded for its nation-building contributions over the past twenty years. But many members of the community have been deeply involved in the struggle for democracy for over 100 years. Many of these now famous stories have appeared on this website.
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  • Sassoon ensuring Sasfin’s continued growth

    Apr 23, 2014 Go comment!
    Past Absa/SAJR Jewish Achiever Roland Sassoon, the chief executive officer of Sasfin Holdings, has announced a new strategy aimed at luring more high-income clients, and doing more business with Sasfin’s existing clients, with a new suite of products. And, says Sassoon, his niche bank can achieve this without eating the Big-Four's lunch. Read how Sassoon plans to achieve all of this...
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  • Pesachdik goods galore in Bulawayo

    Apr 14, 2014 1 Comment
    The Breslov Chasidic leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland and a band of followers has been thrown out of numerous countries, most recently Zimbabwe and before that Morocco. In Bulawayo, many of his supporters from around the world had gathered to meet for Pesach. More pictures and text of Rabbi Goldstein's two letters in story...
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  • Yom Hazikaron speaker knows only too well

    Mar 26, 2014 2 Comments
    The Fed’s international speaker for Yom Hazikaron (Day of Remembrance) knows only too well the pain of losing loved ones. Expat South African, Dr Daniel Weiler, lost two younger brothers in the line of duty over just three years, an event that could not but leave its mark on him and his family.
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  • Cape Town Declaration is dead

    Mar 17, 2014 Go comment!
    Palestinian NGOs are said to be furious that despite their best efforts trade between SA & Israel is increasing rapidly. They seem to have backed the wrong horse by targeting the support of the powerful NEC of the ANC, whereas those in government refuse to act on the NEC’s promises. So, despite BDS policy being backed by the ANC, it isn’t the will of the SA or Palestine governments.
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  • IAW#2

    Mar 12, 2014 1 Comment
    Israeli Zionist protagonist Laurence Seeff met with UCT student Zahra in the SAUJS tent on Tuesday. "Her great grandfather was a Jewish Egyptian who was forced to convert to Islam," explains Laurence. Zahra was born in SA as her father was journalist for AlJazeera and one of his first postings was to SA.
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    Mar 07, 2014 Go comment!
    LAST POST 13h21 - SAJR Online is posting live blogs from the event as well as pictures. Join us and follow the conference. You can follow proceedings, have conversations with other users or the delegates and see pictures. Users can also ask questions of the delegates...
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  • “CT Declaration” to be adopted on Wed

    Feb 23, 2014 2 Comments
    Official programme for 26 Feb sitting of Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation includes the following on the agenda: “Adoption of Committee report on the Solidarity Conference in support of Palestine, Cuba and Western Sahara.” Committee chair promised ACDP’s Dudley opportunity for discussion & Rev Meshoe expected to attend. Meeting open to public.
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  • Is ACDP Israel’s only SA political ally?

    Feb 19, 2014 7 Comments
    Did the DA make a gaffe or have a change in policy that led to Bill Eloff, MP, voting in favour of the “Cape Town Declaration last week? How will they vote in the Portfolio Committee next week? SAJR Online put Joburg City Councillor & likely MP Darren Bregman in the hot seat today. “Good question,” said Darren in a frank interview. The policy remains, he says, read what he had to say…
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  • Marius puts his foot in his mouth, again!

    Feb 12, 2014 1 Comment
    Fransman evokes Madiba to stamp on “nose-picking” Jews in pre-election speech in Cape Town last week. Here we go again...
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  • Sanctioned students hit back at Wits

    Jan 22, 2014 2 Comments
    Wits students found guilty of disrupting Reshef concert plan to appeal 2-year suspended expulsions & vowed not to do a "single minute" of the 80 hours of community service the university had ordered them to carry out. Calling the Wits disciplinary process a “kangaroo court” they say it was their duty “as community leaders to stand up against the injustice of Zionism." Prof Habib hits back.
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  • Chip off the old block? Mazeltov!

    Jan 20, 2014 Go comment!
    Menachem Rose of Torah Academy couldn’t have brought more nachus to proud parents Rabbi Aharon and Mashi Rose – or headmaster Rabbi Motti Hadar – as they watched him receive a certificate of excellence from the HOD & MEC og Education for notching up 2nd place in Gauteng's matric class of 2013 - & in the presence of Premier Nomvula Mokoyane 'nogal'
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  • Rhodes pays dearly for anti-Zionist stand

    Jan 01, 2014 10 Comments
    Startling picture of anti-Israel bias & outright racism towards Jewish staff & students emerged in a report by a Jewish leadership delegation sent in April to investigate complaints on campus. Read how Jews & Zionists are persecuted at Rhodes. It took an ex-Mayor, the SAZF, a website & some heroes backed by a determined lawyer to ensure Rhodes paid for their atrocious HR failure. It also cost Rhodes millions in present & future donor funding to boot.
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  • Rhodes University: Not a Home for All

    Jan 01, 2014 30 Comments
    “One of the reasons I wanted to tell the story in my own words was because I wanted to make clear that Rhodes is not an institution full of scoundrels,” Larissa Klazinga (pictured) told the SA Jewish Report Online. “There are a lot of very good people there who stood by me. Someone like Susan (Smailes), who is an attorney, and many others,” she said.
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  • Condolences from all at the Jewish Report

    Dec 19, 2013 4 Comments
    The directors, management and staff of the Jewish Report express our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of our beloved Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and his many fallen comrades, whom many of us knew personally or had met. Nelson Mandela: 1918 to… forever! Rest in peace, tata Many of us knew you, and none will ever forget you.
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  • Almost 50 stories & we’re just getting started!

    Dec 10, 2013 1 Comment
    SA Jewish Report Online has posted almost 50 stories on the unique relationship between SA Jewry & Madiba. We’ve followed community-related events since the tragic news of his passing last week & brought you every significant event in close to real time. And we are just getting started – so we have compiled all the favourite reads under this single umbrella & will constantly update it for you.
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  • Don't betray Mandela's legacy, warns Mbeki

    Dec 09, 2013 Go comment!
    Thabo Mbeki told the gathering at Oxford Shul in Killarney yesterday evening that there is a need for strong leadership in SA - and for honouring the Constitution - as he paid tribute to Madiba. "Do we have the quality of leadership such as was exemplified by Mandela and others sufficient to respond to the challenges we face?" asked Mbeki who repeatedly warned against betraying Mandela's legacy and values.
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  • What's on in & around SA Jewry this week

    Dec 04, 2013 Go comment!
    Our weekly round-up of what’s happening in the South African Jewish Community. Send us your events to get them the website and in the print edition.
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