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    Santa Pelham, who did so much, passes at 97

    Dec 22, 2015 4 Comments
    Santa Pelham – a legend in her time, who gained world-wide acclaim with her commissioned memoir “Santa’s Story” and its one-woman dramatic adaptation performed by her diva daughter Aviva Pelham (Sulcas) - passed away in Cape Town on the last day of Chanukah at the age of 97.
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    Levy bros partner with Dubai's Oger in Cell-C

    Dec 17, 2015 Go comment!
    Blue Label Telecoms' Levy brothers have come to the aid of debt-ridden mobile provider, Cell C. While a number of potential suitors were chased away after they had a look at the books, Mark and Brett Levy seem to have come up with the ideal financing situation, including a listing. Blue Label will hold 35%, staff will hold 30% and Dubai-based Oger Telecom will hold 27% - all without affecting the latter’s existing relationships with VodaCom and MTN. Now, that sounds like a good deal!
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    • Snowy Smith HOME

    Anti-Semite lambasted by Durban Equality Court

    Dec 15, 2015 2 Comments
    “The e-mails impinge adversely on the dignity of the Jewish people and constitute hate speech against people of the Jewish faith or belief and ethnic origin!” READ TODAY’S COMPLETE RULING ON PDF by Magistrate Aletta Moolman of the Durban Equality Court. Board President Mary Kluk applauded the ruling saying that racism in this country will not be tolerated and that religious, ethnic and minority groups are protected within the laws of this country by this important ruling. And Snowy Smith is surely, now licking his wounds… Read on
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    • Rabbi Eliezer Berland - HOME

    Berland will never return to Israel voluntarily

    Dec 11, 2015 1 Comment
    Dutch daily NRC published an exclusive interview with Rabbi Berland’s lawyer, Louis de Leon, today. Read how the ailing Rav hopes a newfound diplomatic status could be the game-changer in Israel’s attempts to extradite him, how he escaped from Holland. Israel "wanted to taunt him", says De Leon. He explains Berland’s side of those supposed sex crimes which turned him into the “rabbi-on-th'e-run” and confirms Berland’s plan plant roots in SA.
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    • simcha

    SAJR’s TV début – watch the Simcha clip

    Dec 10, 2015 1 Comment
    SABC-2’s regular Sunday morning 30-minute Jewish programme “Simcha” ran a feature on the SAJR some months back. SABC has uploaded the episode, which starts with an insert on Hugh Raichlin travelling to India. The middle insert, which runs from around 10 to 17 minutes in, goes behind the scenes of the South African Jewish Report. The show ends with an exploration of kosher meat cuts with Nussbaums’ Ian Lurie and his internationally-acclaimed author of best-seller kosher cookbooks, Sharon. See the video.
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    • Rich list with kipa logo

    Jews well represented on SA 'Rich List'

    Dec 08, 2015 6 Comments
    No fewer than 47 of the wealthiest 225 South Africans, measured by the value of listed shares they hold, are Jewish. This is according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2015 published last weekend and represents at least 21 per cent of the list. This has to be seen in the context that SA Jewry represents just 0,014 per cent of the total SA population. The annual survey understates the wealth and income of SA Jewry - READ WHY...
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    • Deisi IsRaction HOME

    Alleged Israeli crime kingpin case remanded

    Dec 06, 2015 Go comment!
    Musli cases remanded, provisionally for January 18. The side-by-side bail and extradition cases of Shai Musli, who Israeli police accuse of being the boss of one of Israel’s most feared crime families, was again remanded in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court last week, reportedly by consent between the prosecution and Musli’s legal team. Prosecutor Christo Steyn days Musli’s alleged crimes, for which Israel – through Interpol – is seeking his extradition, include murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
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    • Cape Times

    Ombud investigates complaints against IMG

    Dec 02, 2015 Go comment!
    Independent Media under fire from SA Jewry. Multiple complaints laid about the lack of impartiality of editorial coverage in recent weeks, falsely reporting that SA had issued an arrest warrant for 4 IDF commanders involved in the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010 and the Cape Times’ policy with regard to its letters to the editor. The Cape Times and the Star mentioned by Press Council as targets of investigation. And Jewish Report is aware of further complaints that either will be lodged, or of parties who are considering lodging complaints.
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    • Menorah

    Chanukah set to light up the scene

    Dec 02, 2015 Go comment!
    It seems as if everyone is climbing on to the ‘Chanukah bandwagon’ with more and more events cramming the festive calendar.
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    • Rabbi Eliezer Berland - preferred pic - small

    R. Berland wants to plant roots in SA

    Nov 27, 2015 Go comment!
    Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Eliezer Berland, rosh yeshiva of the Breslov Chassidic movement, who has been on the run from the Dutch and Israeli authorities, turned up in South Africa - again - in September, having previously beaten an SA Police arrest warrant by a whisker. He reportedly wants to put down roots in South Africa. The “rabbi-on-the-run” is sought in Israel for alleged sex charges laid by some of his female followers. When his legal extradition appeal failed in Holland, he was said to have gone to a small Caribbean island, with no extradition agreement with Israel.
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    • Suzanne

    Cyril Harris - a larger-than-life figure

    Nov 25, 2015 Go comment!
    The legacy of the late Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris - a moral and mitzvah imperative - was the theme at the launch of a book on his life to mark the 10th anniversary of his passing, at the venue that bears his name, the Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre.
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    • Zuma Nov 15 Parly big

    Zuma portrays SA as an honest broker

    Nov 25, 2015 Go comment!
    The ANC supports efforts aimed at the establishment of a Palestinian State existing side-by-side with Israel, Zuma tells Parliament, The ANC wants to return to borders as those prior to the outbreak of the Six day War, with East Jerusalem as its Capital. He also told Parliament that both Israel and the Palestinians want SA help in seeking peace.The middle east needs to be looked at from the position , he said “At times”, said Jabob Zuma, “People are one-sided. “People at times think that Hamas is more extreme," he said. “They forget that Israel also is very extreme.”
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    • drought-lake

    SAPS 'dumbfounded' over Mavi Mamara letter

    Nov 23, 2015 1 Comment
    A tit-for-tat spat between pro- and anti-Israel lobby groups over the validity of arrest warrants in SA for four Israeli generals who were instrumental in Israel’s military preventing the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara from breaking the Gaza blockade. Independent claimed that should they enter SA, they would be arrested. On Monday SAPS spokesman Brigadier Mangwani Malaudzi confirmed To JR he was “dumbfounded” when the letter over the six-and-a-half-year-old incident surfaced at an obscure SAPS unit.
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    • drought-lake

    Few remaining Jewish farmers pray for rain

    Nov 18, 2015 Go comment!
    Jewish Report spoke to two of just a handful of Jewish commercial farmers remaining in SA: Desmond Hyman and Darrel Kadish. Both farm a typical Highveld mix - beef cattle, potatoes and white and yellow maize. But their situations are very different. Kadish is monitoring global forecasts which, he says, “are showing possibly the worst El Niño ever”, and predict the hottest and driest summer in SA’s history. The fervent prayer remains: ‘Please G-d, give us rain...’
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    • chief

    Shabbos Project spanning the globe

    Nov 11, 2015 Go comment!
    Stories poured in from around the world in the aftermath of last month’s second international Shabbos Project, in which more than a million Jews in 918 cities and 84 countries, took part.
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    Times’ handling of Hamas ad under fire

    Nov 11, 2015 Go comment!
    The attached piece ran in the printed edition of SA Jewish Report as a sidebar to GRUZD's main article: "ANC still supports two states… for now"
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    • Musli Shai

    Israeli's bail, extradition hearings paired

    Nov 11, 2015 2 Comments
    When suspected Israeli crime boss Shai Musli walks into the Randburg Magistrate's Court on Monday for his bail hearing, he may be surprised to find that immediately thereafter he will face an extradition hearing - a charge the SAPS originally arrested him for at Montecasino. SA is becoming well-known as a source, a destination point, as well as a transit route for international criminal escapades. Rivalry and political interference have hamstrung police crime intelligence, allowing organised crime to flourish, say senior sources.
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    • comp home

    WIN R22 00 fitness prize & R500 32Gi hamper

    Nov 02, 2015 Go comment!
    WIN a R500 32Gi hamper TODAY between 08:00 & 08:30 on 101.9 ChaiFM! And stand a chance of winning the SAJR's R22 000 “FAMILY FITNESS” competition we're holding with ChaiFM. The more you enter, the better chance your family has to win. Listen to interviews, information and giveaways. Win home-based therapy & products for 6 months. You and your kids will enjoy being guided & assisted by some of SA's leading experts in their fields for free. Everyone in the family with their own e-mail can enter once a week to bolster your chances.
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    • anc hamas Spy vs spy HOME

    Cloak and dagger behind Hamas' visit

    Oct 26, 2015 2 Comments
    Mish’al, Meshaal, Meshal, Mesha’al, Mashal or Mishal? Whichever, after 5 years of secret planning, the ANC caught everyone else by surprise.
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    • Patterson Willie

    Beware of alliances with terror, warns Willie

    Oct 22, 2015 2 Comments
    Willie Paterson, pictured, is a Christian pro-Israel activist and writer. He submitted this blog, first published on Times of Israel this week, warning that the ANC government has reached a new low by hosting a delegation of Hamas. It is a hard-hitting, no holds barred opinion piece which concludes with: “Hopefully, sanity will somehow be restored before it is too late to rescue this country.” Willie is very well known in Zionist circles both in SA and in Israel.
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