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    Progressives distance themselves from Hamas

    Oct 20, 2015 3 Comments
    The SA Union for Progressive Judaism and the SA Association of Progressive Rabbis in a media statement made clear that they will not meet the Hamas delegation at present in the country . There had been rumours that Hamas would meet with a “Progressive Jewish group” . Many in the community have taken this to mean the formal body representing Progressive (Reform) Jewry. Read what the chairman and top rabbi have to say about this.
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    Bapela gets the axe ahead of ANC's NGC

    Oct 02, 2015 2 Comments
    Obed Bapela has been sacked in his capacity as ANC head of foreign policy. Jewish Report Online has also obtained a PDF document of over 200 pages which is the complete discussion document for the party’s national general council meeting to be held this month. We publish the complete document as a PDF - which could be a wonderful download and print-out for observant users who would enjoy looking through it over the religious long weekend.
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    • Yossy

    Why the frenzy?

    Sep 02, 2015 1 Comment
    In Yiddish, they would always say “Nog a yohr in Afrika!” - “Another year in Africa!” It seems pretty inane but we all seem to go through the very same performance annually. “Oh my G-d, it’s Rosh Hashanah already!” “Where has this year gone?” You’d think that by now we’d have got accustomed to it.
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    Jewish ‘pilgrimage’ to Poland more than only Auschwitz

    Sep 02, 2015 1 Comment
    When a Jew goes to Poland these days it is perceived as a “pilgrimage to Auschwitz”. While a visit to witness where one of the most heinous crimes of history occurred is essential, Poland has become one of the most welcoming countries outside of Israel for Jewish travellers.
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    JHGC - a long-awaited dream has come true

    Sep 02, 2015 Go comment!
    The dedication of the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre on Tuesday could not have come at a more appropriate time in South Africa’s history, said Prof Jonathan Jansen, vice-chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State.
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    Spectacular Absa Jewish Achiever event

    Aug 26, 2015 Go comment!
    Sunday night saw the equivalent of our community’s very own Oscar awards when the South African Jewish Report hosted its17th Absa Jewish Achiever Awards gala banquet.
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    Achiever nominees on the meaning of being Jewish

    Aug 12, 2015 Go comment!
    The excitement is mounting for the Absa/Jewish Report Jewish Achiever Awards to be held at VodaWorld on Sunday evening, August 23.
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    4 young Jews chosen among SA's finest

    Aug 05, 2015 4 Comments
    At least four of the 200 outstanding young South Africans selected for the Mail & Guardian’s (M&G) prestigious list published last Friday were Jewish. Not too shabby a showing at two percent – while SA Jewry represents just 0.0016 percent of the overall SA citizenry. The four awardees who the Jewish Report identified as Jews this year were: Amanda Blankfield-Koseff; Antony Seeff; Kayli Vee Levitan; and Nadav Ossendryver.
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    LATEST: Rolene on radio and all the latest links

    Jul 29, 2015 7 Comments
    In a full-page story in the Saturday Star titled “We were intimidated for going on trip to Israel” and with the strapline: “They say BDS movement tried to stop their trip”, Ilanit Chernick wrote that “Gtrips and intimidation have left 16 South African youth leaders shocked after returning from a study tour of Israel and Palestine.” See who the sixteen senior business and student leaders are, why they are and why they are so angry at BDS. Also hear Rolene on Voice of Israel and see links to all stories.
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    Latest on battle between ANC 16 & BDS

    Jul 22, 2015 2 Comments
    Who makes SA’s Mideast policy? What is it? ALL THE LINKS and the story that catches readers up on the daily going-on in this increasingly hostile battlefield. Pictured is Nthabiseng Molefe, now-suspended chairman of the Wits branch of Sasco, who blames BDS and not the ANC for the intimidation of the ANC-16. All 16 have stuck together and while BDS has been relatively quiet, the ANC-affiliated youth structures have come down heavily on the student and business leaders who travelled to Israel. SEE ALL THE LINKS HERE!
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    SASCO suspends those who went to Israel

    Jul 15, 2015 3 Comments
    On Tuesday 14 July the South African Students Congress (Sasco) published a media release saying that it had “noted with great concern the attempts by the Zionist lobby to wage a counter offensive to our ongoing solidarity campaigns with the oppressed people of Palestine.”
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    ANC spewing after young leaders visit Israel

    Jul 15, 2015 2 Comments
    A monument brouhaha has erupted in the wake of last week’s study tour by a group of highly influential young South Africans.The private information-gathering tour of future SA leaders to the Middle East, conducted by independently-funded SA Jewish group SAIF, saw the delegates travelling to Israel and Palestine last week. Pictured is ex-Wits-11 radical turned anti-BDS, Klaas Mokgomole. Read Wits Coasas branch chair, Nthabiseng Molefe (now suspended) who confirmed to JR Online in an exclusive interview that BDS offered her R40 000 not to go
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    From ‘happiest place on earth’ to richness of Jewish identity

    Jun 25, 2015 Go comment!
    Saul Blinkoff, speaking at the Sinai Indaba on “A Disney Tale” related how he followed his dream and en route found his Jewish identity and observance.
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    • Rabbi

    Being united was and has always been the Jewish strength

    Jun 25, 2015 Go comment!
    Over 5 000 people attended Sinai Indaba V at the Sandton Convention Centre last weekend, with 13 speakers from around the world who addressed 23 different sessions on Sunday.
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    • Prof Wayne Derman

    Prof Derman to head new Sports & Meds Institute

    Jun 05, 2015 1 Comment
    Past David Award-winner has been named as director of the new Institute of Sport & Exercise Medicine at Stellenbosch University. An ex-King Davidian, Professor Wayne Derman, pictured, won a prestigious David Award for “Considerable Contribution to Sport” several years ago. Deman will take up his appointment as head of the newly-formed Institute which falls within the prestigious Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at the university. He will take up his new appointment on July 1.
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    Jews share a strong and vibrant life in SA

    May 27, 2015 Go comment!
    On the first night of Shavuot, shuls throughout the country were again packed for Tikkun Leil - the traditional programme of learning through which Jews celebrate the festival of the giving of the Torah.
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    Two Jews paying it forward

    May 20, 2015 1 Comment
    Perry Feldman, pictured, is one of the last remaining Jews in the Free State town of Parys, a retired farmer and a passionate volunteer at the Free Market Foundation (FMF), where he has been instrumental in providing home ownership for over 500 people. In two months that will be 750 people and by year's end 850 at least. Perry and his long-time friend Terry Markman are really making a difference - and they have set themselves some lofty goals. Read this story...
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    Habib looks livid as 'I Love Hitler' problem grows

    May 19, 2015 3 Comments
    Controversial University of Witwatersrand (Wits) Students Representative Council (SRC) president Dlamini’s “I love Hitler” debacle is refusing to go away. Dlamini was ‘removed’ by vice-Chancellor Prof Adam Habib on 4 May (for an offence unrelated to the Hitler comments). Habib plays it deftly and says he dislikes Israel but that does not influence his attitude towards Jews. New trouble could be brewing for Habib, however, based on legal opinion from Wits' own Law School and published in their own campus newspaper... SEE VIDEO OF DLAMINI ON E-nca
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    Gigaba to meet BDS over Israel/SA visa policy?

    May 12, 2015 2 Comments
    After 5pm on Monday, 11 May, the aligned anti-Israeli forces sent out a media statement announcing that the minister of home affairs had agreed to meet them over “SA’s visa policy in relation to Israel.”
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    BDS claims hollow academic boycott victory

    May 06, 2015 Go comment!
    BDS says their Monday resolution followed Minister Blade Nzimande’s call for an academic boycott. But it is not going to have any effect. If it did, however, it would cost South African jobs and benefits.
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