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Puppet gets ANC to respond to Chief

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It took real ‘live’ puppet Chester Missing (pic) to get the ANC’s dep-DG Jessie Duarte to respond to Chief Rabbi’s call for her to debate him
by ANT KATZ | Aug 06, 2014

ANC deputy-Secretary-General Jessie Duarte condemned “barbaric attacks” on “defenceless Palestinian people of Gaza,” on 10 July. “(The ANC) are reminded of the atrocities of Nazi Germany, surely we must ask the people of Israel: has the term ‘lest we forget’ lost its meaning?” asks Jessie Duarte, deputy-Secretary General of the African National Congress.

The SAZF and the SAJBD lashed out against what they call “the ANC's venomous and insulting statement.”

But it was the Chief Rabbi who reacted most vehemently: “Retract or Debate me!” said the Chief Rabbi to Duarte after the statement linking Israel’s actions to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. Chief Rabbi Goldstein was in Jerusalem at the time, he wrote, “where I have witnessed the situation first hand.” He was very, very angry.

“Jesse Duarte must have the integrity and courage to defend her vitriolic views in a public debate,” said the Chief Rabbi, “or retract them. It is a simple and basic choice of personal integrity: retract or debate.”

Or, in schoolboy terms, “Put up or shut up.”

The ANC’s top-six officials ducked that bullet by sending Duarte on a previously unannounced two week vacation.

On her return, Chester Missing (aka puppet-master Conrad Koch) asked her about whether she would accept the Chief Rabbi’s challenge, whether she would visit Israel to see for herself what is happening and why the ANC do not recall their ambassador from Israel and send the Israeli Ambassador packing.

Puppet Chester Missing engages ANC DDG Jessie Duarte on debating the Chief Rabbi, visiting Israel and Ambassadors. Her responses are oh so telling… Watch the video on the home page or on PREVIOUS VIDEOS



  1. 3 Adam Levy 06 Aug
    ouch - but your ChIef Rabbi refused to debate with either Steven Friedman, Zackie Achmat or Ilan Pappe. In fact none of your puppet organisations could put up any candidate to debate Ilan Pappe. You probably can only hide under the mask of propaganda and are afraid of being unmasked. Even the deputy Israeli ambassador was running scared! Seems you can only hide behind puppets.

    EDITOR’S NOTE TO USERS: Adam Levy has proven time and again to be an alias for either an anti-Zionist Jew or a non-Jew and SAJR publishes his anti-Israel comments that don’t break any of SAJR’s COMMENT GUIDELINE rules and is hence welcome to voice his or her opinion on this website.

    When he/she becomes anti-Semitic or otherwise
    transgresses the rules of this website, his
    comments are deleted.
    [email protected]  

  2. 2 Some One 21 Aug
    @Adam Levy - the Chief Rabbi has more pressing demands on his time and can't fit irrelevant crackpots like Friedman and his ilk into his schedule.
  3. 1 Alan 04 Nov
    Is Conrad Koch Jewish?


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