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So far so good – but stay vigilant say the boffins

  • Concerning Security
Security Update #2 - What is a “Level 4” threat? What does it mean to the community, to you & your family? Read a status report and find out what you should be doing about it. Howard Feldman, pictured left, is the non-executive chairman of the SA Jewish Report and Zev Krengel, right, president of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies. This is a series of articles in which Feldman & Krengel discuss the heightened threat level for SA Jewry to allow the SAJBD to communicate regularly with the community on SAJR.CO.ZA.
by HOWARD FELDMAN | Sep 29, 2014

Concerning Security

SA Jewish Report’s non-executive chairman, Howard Feldman, and the president of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, Zev Krengel, in conversation…

The security upgrades over Rosh Hashanah were tangible, and, rather than causing alarm, most in the community were comforted by its presence.

Concerning SecurityThe community came to shul, people did not stay away and as a result of this alone, it was undoubtedly a success.



The CSO along with other community organisations as well as member participation ensured that those in shul were secure and the community owes an enormous amount of gratitude to the CSO as well as to everyone who participated, says Zev Krengel.

“Aside from two minor incidents,” says Zev, “it was business as usual at all shuls.”

The “Level 4” threat – the highest there is without specific information as to timing and target available, remains in place and the community has been asked to continue to be vigilant and focused - but most of all to attend services as they normally would do.

ALSO READ ON THIS WEBSITE (with all the comments):

Last week Zev Krengel told Howard that, “We will be using this platform to communicate any information that is relevant to the situation and we ask the community to refer to this site and specifically this column regularly, as we will update as and when necessary”.

SA Jewry been blessed until now with the luxury of naivety. Sadly the time has now come for us to join others in the Diaspora where heightened community security has been a way of life for so long. Anyone who has driven past a shul recently would have noticed the bollards positioned ahead of the festivals.

When asked what we can all do to assist, Krengel's message was clear: Vigilance and awareness. Suspicious vehicles, suspicious people and anyone taking photos of installations, needs to be reported immediately. We know our areas, we know who belongs and we need to take advantage of that knowledge.

What can you do?

Vigilance, said Krengel, is one of the most critical aspects of security. But most importantly we need to be at shul and we need to celebrate the Festivals as they are meant to be celebrated. “I will be at shul with my children,” says Krengel. “They are very excited about the chagim as always and I see no reason why this year should be different”. Please keep an eye on this column for updates.

Call the single ICC emergency number from anywhere:
086 18 000 18. Remember it as 086-Chai-thousand-Chai

It needs to be noted that although SAJR welcomes comments, we will not be publishing those that include specific threat information.

Users are encouraged to respond in the comment block below with questions, observations and thoughts. Those that include specific tips will be passed on to the community security authorities who will endeavour to address them privately. Should a common theme emerge, the authorities will try as much as possible to provide guidance and answers. Watch this space...


  1. 3 Denis Solomons 30 Sep
    Who are the enemies of the Jews in South Africa ?
    Boko Haram ( affiliated to Al queda ) !
    The ANC isn't exactly pro-Israel .
    The countries that were anti-apartheid were all anti- Israel ; Iran , Iraq , Cuba , Algeria , etc.
    Having said that the old Afrikaans regime ( John Voster , et al ) were neo-nazis . So definitely not friends of the Jews.
    In Europe the Muslim community is not Zionistically inclined .
    So what does one do ; Don't flaunt your Judaism excessively ?
    Dont go walking down the street with your yarmikah or tallis.
    We just need to improve CSO and general security !
    Is Malema and the EFF pro- Israel ?
    I don't think so .
    Should people be armed ?
    Or is that being a bit excessive.
    Carry a knopkirrie .
    Knives are out .
    walkie-talkies or good cellphones are a must and can be used in the Eiruv in times of neccesity.
    Th PLO are definitely not pro the Promised land.
    So keep your back to the wall and your eyes peeled .
    The basic message is that unfortunately Jews have very few friends.
    Greece is pro Israel but I am not sure about France .
    Russia still anti - Israel .
    Germany more partial to us than they used to be .
    We live in interesting times.

  2. 2 Choni 30 Sep
    The ONLY friend Diaspora Jews have is the G-d Of Israel, and the Land of Israel, and as previous history has shown in the long exile, sometimes even G-d is 'hidden' outside of Israel. This leaves us with no place to 'hide' except our own Land.

    I'm not trolling, merely 'replying' to Dennis Solomons.
  3. 1 M Port 01 Oct

    I really appreciate all CSO has done to make us safer, I have a serious question and am not "stirring"...

    You are certainly not stirring and your question is well put. It has been forwarded to the security team and, as per the brief for this column, not placed in this open forum.
    Let's hear from more community members.  [email protected] 


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