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Zionist Spring story caused quite a stir

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Story on pending launch of SA affiliate of ZS last week led to a spate of enquiries to both SAJR & organisers who were unsure of just what it was all about. ROLENE MARKS explains…
by ROLENE MARKS | Oct 14, 2014

Introducing The Zionist Spring

“We have launched in the US and Canada and now we hope to do the same in South Africa” Jewish Report quoted Rolene Marks in last week’s story: ZS NEED HELP TO LAUNCH IN SA. Both Rolene in Israel and the online editor of SA Jewish Report were inundated with queries from readers who were not quite sure what the Zionist Spring is all about. We asked Rolene to explain…


Introducing The Zionist Spring


Marks - RoRo HOMEMany are asking who and what is the Zionist Spring. It sounds very interesting, kind of revolutionary and certainly intriguing,


To some, the ideas and platforms that the Zionist Spring are promoting seem a bit vague so please allow me to clear up any misconceptions.

1) Who and what is the Zionist Spring?

The Zionist Spring is a grassroots movement founded by a group of passionate Zionists. It is not a fundraising organization and funds are comprised of the personal contributions of its founders. The aim of the Zionist Spring is to bring some new energy and re-invigorate the Zionist movement.

We would like to make Zionism relevant in the lives of the Jewish people again and support any individuals and organisations who seek the same. We aim to do this by getting as much support as possible in order to have as much representation as possible at the Parliament of the Jewish people, the World Zionist Congress. YOU have a right to be heard and play your part in shaping the decisions that impact the Zionist world.

2) What are the platforms and ideologies?

We are going back to basics – with a modern twist. We support the Jerusalem programme. We believe in developing the unity of the Jewish people, especially at this critical time when anti-Semitism is reaching alarming levels. We support Aliyah and effective integration, strengthening the democratic nature of the country by playing a role in shaping an exemplary society. We hope to ensure the Jewish future through education, the Hebrew language and fighting rising anti-Semitism in its various forms. We do not forsake our responsibility to look after and green the land according to Jewish values.

3) Is the Zionist Spring a political movement?

The Zionist Spring is NOT a political movement and is non-partisan. We are not left or right leaning but welcome a variety of opinions in our tent in which we hope to provide a safe space for robust debate.

4) How does ZS fit into the current Zionist establishment?

We are not in existence to replace or challenge current organisation but seek to work with them as we do with our partners in the USA namely Bnai Zion Foundation, the Baltimore Zionist District and Young Judaea. We are seeking to increase our representation and give a voice and platform to Zionist organisations.

5) Zionist Spring around the world?

The Zionist Spring has successfully launched in the United States and the Canada and we are asking you South Africa, to help us launch in your country by filling out the MEMBERSHIP FORMS downloadable in a WORD FORMAT, CLICK HERE, fill the few lines in on the screen and email them to [email protected]

6) Why should I sign up for the Zionist Spring?

You deserve to be heard and play your part in the shaping of and decision making process on issues that affect you as a Jew and a Zionist. At this crucial time in our history, the louder we speak, the more united we stand and the more we participate in our own destiny, the more we ensure our future and defy those that would see us destroyed.

Join our growing international community by signing the membership through the SAZF form today.

For more info on the Zionist Spring, visit our website:, like us on Facebook: or follow us on Twitter: @ZionistSpring


In the SAJR story last week, ZS NEED HELP TO LAUNCH IN SA, Jewish Report included the following details:

Jewish Report has made it easy for those who want to join up, by uploading the application form to the website. Simply click to download the attached MEMBERSHIP FORM which is in Word format, click on Rolene's e-mail address in the following paragraph and attach the form. Easy as pie! 

“We encourage as many people to sign and email back to [email protected],” says Rolene.

She stresses that “The Zionist Spring is NOT a fundraising or political organisation,” and encourages SA Jewry to “visit our website and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.”


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