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Achiever finalist, shul, MDA feed 4 500

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Basil Kransdorff of e’Pap Technologies, a 2013 Absa Jewish Achiever Award finalist, teamed up with Magen David Adom (MDA-SA) and answered the call of Beit Emanuel's anti-xenophobia appeal – resulting in 4 500 meals being delivered to victims of xenophobia last week. The meals were delivered in the Edenvale and Germiston areas in Gauteng.
by ANT KATZ | Apr 28, 2015

MDA-SA Chaiman Mark Hyman told Jewish Report Online that his organisation had played the middle-man and put up the funds which ensured that 4 500 meals of e’Pap were delivered by the Beit Emanuel appeal.

Nepal15 - First MDA plane

RIGHT: Rabbi Sa-ar Shaked, left, taking delivery of bags full of e’Pap from Basil Kransdorff, right


E’Pap is a concentrated, highly nutritional food product that saw its inventor (and co-owner of e’Pap Technologies), Basil Kransdorff, becoming a finalist in the Jewish Report-hosted Absa Jewish Achiever Awards – in the unlisted companies category in 2013 – see below.

“When we heard of the peoples’ plight,” says Mark, “We immediately put together the funds required to assist.” Mark approached Basil Kransdorff of e’Pap Technologies and Basil agreed to give MDA-SA such a substantial discount that Mark was able to hand roughly twice as many meals to Beit Emanuel’s Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked.

The distribution was handled by Beit Emanuel.

Afterwards, Rabbi Shaked sent the following letter to MDS-SA:

Dear Friends at Magen David Adom South Africa,

Thank you so much for sharing with us the great mitzvah for stretching our hand to those in need.

Your response to our anti-xenophobia appeal is extremely gracious and makes a clear indication that your heart is truly in support of the simple humanistic values of loving our fellow human being.

Our sacred Torah is commanding us 37 times to love the stranger, one of the most famous of them demands us that “The stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall love him as yourself; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your G-d.” (Leviticus 19:34)

You, the people of Magen David Adom had already proved in many occasions that when it comes to saving life, you don’t make a difference between blood to blood. Your Magen David is red when you assist all human being, for the blood of all human beings is red.

Gratefully for your contribution I thank you on behalf of my community and on behalf of those communities who will be assisted by it directly. 

“And the deed of charity shall be peace” (Isaiah 32:17).

  • In the wake of a devastating cyclone and torrential rain that hit Madagascar in February, MDA-SA, through the auspices of Mashav (the Israeli Agency for International Development Co-operation) sent a shipment of 3 tons of e’Pap to the island nation. READ THE STORY

Users can download the 2013 ACHIEVERS MAG where Basil and e’Pap Technologies appear on page 47. The 2014 ACHIEVERS MAG is also available as a download.

Get your thinking caps on, readers, nominations for the 2015 Achievers will be opening shortly


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