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Board determined to expose Hamas for what it is

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Last week, we received the sad news that Russell Gaddin, a stalwart leader in the Jewish community over nearly four decades, had passed away in Israel after a long illness. In addition to various other important leadership positions, Russell served as national chairman and president of the SAJBD in the years 1999 - 2007.
by MARY KLUK | Oct 21, 2015

This period encompassed the difficult years following the collapse of the Oslo peace process and ensuing period of extended terrorist violence against Israel. Throughout this time Russell, as the representative spokesman for the community, was unyielding in his staunch, unequivocal support for Israel in an increasingly hostile environment. We extend our sincerest condolences to his wife, Battie, and the extended Gaddin family during this sad time. 

  • Earlier this week, along with National Director Wendy Kahn, I was in Cape Town for the SAJBD Cape Council Conference. Once again, this was characterised by a well-thought out programme, enthusiastic participation from the floor and a standard of debate, all showing how the SAJBD in Cape Town continues to play a pivotal role in terms of uniting the Jewish community and safeguarding its interests.

    Kudos to all involved in putting together the event and in particular congratulations to Chairman Eric Marx. He stepped in as chairman at short notice and through his dedication and hard work successfully guided the Cape Board through a difficult transition phase.

    I further congratulate the newly-elected members of the Cape Council and wish them all success in their forthcoming term of office.

The dominant story this week has been the visit of a delegation of the Hamas Central Committee, which is in the country at the invitation of the ANC and is meeting with a wide range of important leaders and organisations, from President Jacob Zuma downwards. Our community is rightly outraged and concerned by the visit.

Hamas, in addition to be unambiguously committed to pursuing Israel’s destruction through methods of violence and terrorism, espouses a rabid anti-Semitic ideology that differs little, if at all, from that of the Nazis.

Theirs is a warped and evil world view that depicts Jews everywhere in the world as being an intrinsically malevolent people who seek through treacherous plotting and behind-the-scenes manipulation of events, to undermine the wellbeing of the rest of humanity.

The SAJBD will be engaging closely with President Zuma and the ANC to expose the true face of Hamas, beyond the standard liberationist rhetoric its employs to dupe people into thinking that their struggle is the same as that conducted by the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

In this regard, we will focus on showing how in its aims, ideology and tactics, Hamas is in every way the mirror image of the ANC and the democratic, non-racial and multi-cultural values that it has always espoused.

 In addressing the destructive role Hamas plays in undermining any efforts towards peace in the region, we will make sure to detail how during these past few weeks of deadly violence in Israel, it has brazenly incited and endorsed the murderous attacks that have been carried out against Israeli citizens. 

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  1. 5 nat cheiman 21 Oct
    The ANC has embraced Hamas.Forget Zuma and his cadres.
    They know about luxury cars and holidays only. They don't care about their own people. How on earth do you expect these people to care about SA JEWS?
    Zuma. himself cannot read numbers, so is it reasonable to expect him or his pals to read the Hamas charter?
    They are idiots
  2. 4 Mordechai 22 Oct
    Nat, call it what it is and don't try to sugar coat. Your opening comment should read : The South African government and people continues to embrace Hamas. Also you are wrong in that every single member of the South African government is fully au fait with the Hamas charter
  3. 3 Gideon Hack 23 Oct
    The ANC is giving the Jews of South Africa a clear message regarding their future in that country. So, listen carefully to what they are telling you, believe it, and act accordingly. In a way, the Jews of SA are fortunate in that their government is providing solid and unequivocal advance warning of things to come. Jews in other countries were not so fortunate.
  4. 2 Mordechai 26 Oct
    Gideon, you are spot on. What is most troubling about the situation is that instead of S Africa's Jewish leadership (lay & others) encouraging its youth to leave they are doing all they can to get the youth to stay. The Jewish leadership has a duty to the youth/young adults starting a family or with kids to encourage them to go
  5. 1 Mordechai 26 Oct
    To Nat, Gideon and all other Jewish S Africans, we really need to call it what it is - everyone refers to the ANC and not the South African government. It is the South African government and the ANC should state South African government 


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