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    • 2a-Mary Kluk tightcrop

    Attend Conference in large numbers

    Nov 11, 2015 Go comment!
    The last issue of this newspaper included a forum where various community members gave their views on what they would like President Jacob Zuma to speak about when he addresses our National Conference on November 22. In all likelihood, all or most of the issues raised will indeed feature in what will effectively constitute a “State of the Nation” address specifically geared towards South African Jewry.
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    • Hamas ST advert

    ANC still supports two states… for now

    Nov 11, 2015 Go comment!
    The visit of Hamas to South Africa in October to meet the ANC top brass, continues to have repercussions. The latest episode played out on the pages of last week’s Sunday Times. South Africa’s most widely-read weekly flip-flopped, deciding to run a paid advert exposing Hamas’ jihadist outlook and methods, that it had pulled at the last minute the previous week. SEE LINK TO RELATED STORY.
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