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    Board sued in Equality Court over ‘Kol Isha’

    Apr 06, 2016 9 Comments
    The Cape Council of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies Papers were served papers today that they are being sued in the Equality Court for “discrimination of women on the basis of gender”. The Board issued a statement today. The claimants are two Cape Orthodox Jews and SACRED, and the charges emanate from the issue of women not being allowed to sing at secular events. Acting for the claimants is Advocate Anton Katz SC. Read what everyone has to say...
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    • UOS Pesach HOME

    Jewish community is well-catered for countrywide this Pesach

    Apr 06, 2016 1 Comment
    There is no such thing as a Jewish genie, but if one were to rub a kosher lePesach wine becher at this time of the year and one would appear, nine out of 10 Jewish housewives would undoubtedly wish that their homes could be magically cleaned for Pesach, the chometz and daily dishes packed away, the Pesach cutlery and crockery unpacked and a seder table fit for Eliyahu would appear out of nowhere.
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    • Chev

    40-year award for David Serebro on 7 Adar

    Apr 06, 2016 Go comment!
    As always, this year’s 7 Adar event was a heart-warming, well-attended tribute to the leadership of the Chev and the dedicated volunteers and staff of its Burial Services.
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    • MichaelSieff

    Home owners’ lament

    Apr 06, 2016 Go comment!
    We’ve had a lot of rain lately, for which we’re all thankful, but I was chatting to a neighbour who was having a problem with a leaking roof due to the wet weather. He said something that resonated with me: “When you own a home there’s always something that needs fixing.”
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    • Jeff

    Community urged to vote in elections

    Apr 06, 2016 Go comment!
    We often hear about people’s “right to vote”. What is much less emphasised is the concept of a “duty to vote”, such a duty being incumbent on the citizens of any democratic state. At this particular time in our history, it has arguably never been more important for all South African citizens to stand up and be counted, and have their say in determining the future of our country.
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