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Betar-SA opens a new community bayit

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Betar SA has been growing from strength to strength since returning to SA several years ago - and they opened a new bayit in Glenhazel on Monday. The bayit (Hebrew for house) will now house the JAFI-deployed shaliach’s home as well as their offices - which were previously located at the Beyachad building.
by ANT KATZ | May 04, 2016

The opening was attended by roughly 60 Betarim, as well as members and leaders of Likud-SA, The Israel Centre, The SAZF and many other Jewish organisations.

Conveniently situated in Cross Street in central Glenhazel, the bayit has a nice but manageable garden, a swimming pool, a number of informal rooms and a meeting room.

Betar Bayit launch - Aviad

RIGHT:  Guy Hadad, shaliach; Aviad Sela, director: Israel Centre SA; and Hadley Shapiro, rosh Hanhaga (head of leadership), Aviad Sela - holding a gift from the Israel Centre SA called Birkat HaBayit‎, meaning Blessing for the Home. It is a Jewish prayer often inscribed on wall plaques or hamsas and featured at the entrance of some Jewish homes

One of their pride-and-joy facilities is a substantial library which was able to start off with a considerable collection donated by long-serving Betar/Likud chairman Leon Reich. Reich, who reintroduced Betar in SA after a hiatus of several years, will be making aliyah shortly,

Young Jews doing it for themselves

Betar Bayit launch

LEFT: Relaxing at the poolside are Niki Giessing, Greg Feiging, Gary Aberman, Jaimi Jacobson and Meir Spector

The keen youngsters got their first month’s rent free as they renovated and cleaned up the house which they are renting. This now becomes yet another communal facility where youngsters can meet and hang around together in a safe environment.

The use of the facility is not restricted to Betar members only.

The bayit also sports a well-equipped, kosher kitchen and good entertainment facilities.

Betar Bayit launch 2

ABOVE:  Eitan Ruso, Jarred Albert, Ayala Eloz, Gary Aberman, Hadley, Nicci Raz, Guy Hadad, Livnat Katz and Tovi Merkin at the launch of Betar SA’s smart new Glenhazel bayit on Monday

Yom H KDS 

The poster advertising the opening

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