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    Helping 'create' water for the driest SA in history

    Jun 08, 2016 5 Comments
    Over 500 delegates from 5 SADC countries and a host of SA government departments that either use water tech from Israel, or are considering it, lauded the initiatives of the Holy Land this week at conferences on water technology arranged by the Israeli embassy. Pictured is the Jewish National Fund's SA director Isla Feldman showing something to a delegate. The JNF is the custodian of all Israel's water and has several projects in SA with local government partners.
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    World authority on brit milah shares expertise

    Jun 08, 2016 Go comment!
    The Regulatory Board of Brit Mila in South Africa, which was inaugurated in March this year, has made huge strides in creating a governance structure. As part of the process, the new regulatory body last week brought out one of the world’s foremost authorities on circumcision and the management and registration of mohelim, Dr Joseph Spitzer, from London (pictured left). All the mohelim from around South Africa came together for an extensive all-day workshop.
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    Oscar-winning performances

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    Everyone who runs a business or organisation knows that nothing much can get done without motivated and loyal staff. My background in industrial psychology and a large part of my corporate experience has been in this field - how to build, train and motivate staff to get the best they have to offer.
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