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Website soared in holidays. Newsletter test
This is a test of placing the Jewish Report Online newsletter on the website. The weekly JR newsletter is sent out to a twenty-thousand-plus database. This edition was sent in the week ending January 9 and only some of the pictures are included in this test post. It was, as always, a busy period for our website as there was a four week hiatus of print publishing. The website published 24/6 to keep readers up to date, posting 76 stories and sending out three newsletters in the three weeks.
. The e-mailer subject line for last week’s newsletter was: Breslov Rabbi Berland now SA citizen, Litvak “No one asks why Jews killed” -Hebdo Issues the news this week Rabbi Berland now an SA CITIZEN Shortly after JR Online named Shuvu Banim Breslov leader Rav Berland “2015’s Top, twofold: READ: BRESLOV RAV BERLAND NOW SA CITIZEN. Another anti-Semite nailed by the Board Read, - BERLAND DIGS IN AND OPENS UP 01 Jan 2016: TOP RELIGIOUS EVENT - THE SHABBOS PROJECT 28 Dec 2015
The day I was called a Nazi
Evian: “I salute Chief Rabbi Goldstein for taking a strong stand and urge the whole Jewish community for zero tolerance”
Berland for his alleged sexual abuse and his evasion from Israel’s justice system and his expulsion, . I do not know whether Rabbi Berland is guilty or not, however, his fleeing from country to country, Berland, then submit yourself to a court of justice and if you are guilty then you deserve punishment
Shay Moslie may prevail in his extradition case
One of Israel's most wanted men may prevail in his case to prevent South Africa from extraditing him on procedural grounds, due to what his attorney, Ian Levitt, says is "fatally flawed" Israeli documentation. Levitt lays his case open in an interview with ANT KATZ this week. Read why Levitt is so up-beat about winning his case, and where he says Israel has faulted. Moslie next appears in court on September 26.
on the run”, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, has been in prison since April, battling to get bail. The SA Police, Ian Levitt during an interview this week: “Why was Moslie’s bail hearing textbook while Berland’s, he left Israel,” adds Levitt, while Berland did, allegedly, flee and was very aware that he, Berland, however, there are multiple complainants who would be deemed as credible witnesses. Levitt
Mystery shopper: Thanks to all, from all
Identifying himself only as “Yeshaya” – a Breslov follower whose pic appeared on SAJR yesterday thanks the community for their kindness. This story contains links to all 13 related reads that have been posted to date.
14 APRIL: Chief Rabbi: Don’t shelter Berland 14 APRIL: Goldstein calls for protest 19 APRIL, APRIL: Did you hear the one about…? 23 APRIL: Vid of R. Berland & Co’s Purim bash 23 APRIL
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, from Europe.South Dakota to get a permanent rabbiNo trial for Berland who'll serve little, Error parsing the template Berland: Latest news plus video of extradition Jul 20, 2016 1 Comment Rabbi Berland finally heads home, appearance for Berland Apr 18, 2016 3 Comments Having him in custody and keeping him there are two different things as Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the man who
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Welcome to another issue of the SA Jewish Report. Our cities are somewhat quieter as winter school holidays have begun and families are departing for the coastlines or even overseas-for the luckiest ones!
Eliezer Berland and Shay Moslie continue to keep South African courts busy. They both have some hefty
Two biggies next week in Top Reads series
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and disappearance of Breslov Rav Berland Please feel free to browse the website and share
Top-Reads, Issues on JR Online during 2016
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and trial of RABBI ELIEZER BERLAND. Four of the 35 top stories were about men refusing
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by our users: 3 comments – Israel asks SA to arrest R. Berland - Hawks 4 comments - “Eye for an eye
, from Europe.South Dakota to get a permanent rabbiNo trial for Berland who'll serve little, the template No trial for Berland who'll serve little time Nov 23, 2016 1 Comment Rabbi Eliezer Berland (79), who spent time in South Africa, the template Berland now to hear his fate on Thursday Jun 28, 2016, Thursday in a bid to get bail for sex-pest rabbi, Eliezer Berland, who has been jailed pending

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