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Berland followers evicted from campsite
300 Breslovers descend on holiday retreat for Yom Kippur with Rabbi Berland. The only problem was that the Jewish-owned campsite only has a capacity for 30, the number booked for, & the island municipality of Texel in the country’s north issued an order for the removal of the other 270 Shuvu Bonim Breslovers last Friday ahead of Yom Kippur according to the Noordhollands Dagblad daily newspaper. The visitors came from various countries to spend the holiday with Berland, who was arrested and released in the Netherlands last month after Israel could not show a Dutch court proof that an arrest warrant had been issued for R. Berland.
Berland followers evicted from campsite, The Times of Israel reported today that the Dutch municipality ordered the eviction of 270 Jews from a camping site that is overcrowded with followers of the fugitive Rabbi Eliezer Berland, Friday. The visitors came from various countries to spend the holiday with Berland, who was arrested in the Netherlands last month. Berland, the founder of the Shuvu Bonim religious seminary, fled, justice authorities review the request. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE STORY ON SAJR.CO.ZA Berland
Proof pouring in - R. Berland freed
Shuvu *Bonim Breslov leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland appears to have been freed by the Dutch authorities after an 8 hr-long court ordeal that ended in his being released just before Shabbos. At this stage it is unclear whether R.Berland was travelling alone and how he managed to leave SA? Stay tuned for the fast evolving developments…
Proof pouring in - R. Berland freed, SAJR has it from three reliable sources that Rabbi Berland is free and plans to spend the holidays, Shabbos came out yesterday reading: “Rabbi Berland released. He will be back after the holidays, of this material will be of great interest to the followers of Rav Berland both in SA and worldwide, . Rabbi Berland has had quite a fortnight: Two weeks ago he TOOK ILL and required medical treatment for blood pressure issues; Despite R. Berland’s international televised appeal to followers
See Breslov R. Berland speak live on TV tonight
Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Barland, head of the Shubu Banim Yeshiva in Israel and presently in South Africa, will address tens, or even hundreds of thousands of Israelis in a satellite broadcast which will be aired wherever there is a satellite connection of Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef’s classes tonight. For followers and SAJR users in South Africa and around the world, it is also expected to be aired live on the internet. Read more…
See Breslov R. Berland speak live on TV tonight, . Berlov 14 MAY: Berlands to settle& build new Yeshiva in Zim? 13 MAY: Berland’s Zimbabwean funder, This is tonight! A senior follower of Rabbi Berland told SA Jewish Report today that, “it, week, in which BERLAND TOLD BIBI TO QUIT! was read with great interest by SAJR users around the world. The Prayer R. Berland wrote for Israel, particularly the PDF: IN R. BERLAND'S OWN HAND, . *Rabbi Berland’s followers all go by their first names only Follow the story on Jewish Report
Berland may be off in 3 weeks’ time
All the latest on the comings and the goings of the Shubu Banim Rabbi Berland, his followers and a Rabbi's dream
Berland may be off in 3 weeks’ time, Eliezer Berland. Jewish Report spoke to followers in Israel and Zimbabwe and was exposed to a strange, . Berland have been less visible over the past week, SAJR has received several complaints from people, the weekend and rumours that R. Berland had conducted multiple marriages among his followers. Yossi, ’Omer. Berland’s followers, said Yossi, were “trying to keep away from local people” and not make a nuisance of themselves. Yossi says the word at the Yeshiva in Israel is that R. Berland
Hawks nab 'elusive Pimpernel' Rabbi Berland
The elite priority crime division of the SA Police, The Hawks, have confirmed that they arrested the 78-year-old Rabbi Eliezer Berland in Sunninghill in northern Johannesburg on Thursday. The Hawks refused to say where he was arrested or how they had found the elusive rav-on-the-run - but he will remain in custody and appear in court next Thursday. Jewish Report Online was first with the news yesterday. It had quickly been taken up by most Jewish and Israeli daily media today.
Hawks nab 'elusive Pimpernel' Rabbi Berland, Berland was transferred to a hospital where he remains in custody and under police guard, Interpol since 2015. Berland is the leader of the Shuvu Banim International Breslov Chassidic movement, that he had sexually harassed or raped them. RIGHT: Rav Berland and some of his hundreds, have told Jewish Report that Berland was in a private hospital in Sandton, but Netshiunda insists that Berland is in a Pretoria hospital and that the police will not disclose which hospital it is. It
No trial for Berland who'll serve little time
Rabbi Eliezer Berland (79), who spent time in South Africa on the run from Israeli authorities during two stints, before finally being arrested by the Hawks and extradited to Israel, was finally sentenced for three sexual assault offences in a plea bargain deal in an Israeli court on Monday. He will probably only serve five more months of his 18 month sentence - Read why... See the video
No trial for Berland who'll serve little time, ABOVE: Shuvu Banim video of escorting Rav Berland from the Jerusalem courthouse on Jaffa street to the entrance of the city Rabbi Eliezer Berland was handed an 18-month sentence, but the court, dispensation for medical or other reasons. Berland admitted to three counts (two of indecent acts and one, of some of the complainants, according to Israeli media. Rabbi Eliezer Berland is the founder, and son had been indicted on a massive theft and fraud charge and amid allegations that Berland had
Rav Berland finally faces ‘sexual offences’ charges
The Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court was last week Friday presented with an indictment against “fugitive” Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who is accused of several counts of sexual misconduct and assault. Their seems to be truth to the rumour that he has made a taped confession, however the charges that were read in court were persuasive - especially in the light of his having been brought face-to-race with his accusers by the police the previous week. Read about it see the pictures...
Rav Berland finally faces ‘sexual offences’ charges, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, leader of his Breslov chasidic community’s Shuvu Banim sect, was also, of his trial. Prosecutor Shmulik Barzilay asked Judge Hanna Miriam Lomp to deny Berland bail, explaining that Berland was considered a serious flight risk. “This is someone who conducted a three, escourt and in a wheelchair Barzilay told the judge that Berland had fled Holland “despite, Coast diplomatic passport (and) the ability to get sums of money.” Berland was handed over
Berland spent Pesach in 'Sun City' prison
Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s bail hearing is scheduled to continue this morning [Tuesday, April 26] in the Randburg Magistrate’s court, on the northwest side of Johannesburg. But, given what took place at the hearing last week, especially on Thursday and Friday, there is no guarantee that the hearing will reach an end.'sun-city'-prison
Berland spent Pesach in 'Sun City' prison, On Friday morning, Berland emerged from the holding cells below the court shouting that he, Magistrate Pravina Raghunandan adjourned court so that the 79-year-old Berland could take medication. But it was already 11.30am before the Friday hearing resumed because Berland’s attorney, Themba Langa, had not appeared at court. Berland, one of the leaders of the Bratslav Hasidic movement in Israel, Report by Ilan Ossendryver, right, Rabbi Berland in the dock in Randburg Berland has managed to live
Rabbi Grossman back to assist Rabbi Berland
Migdal HaEmek Chief Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Grossman is back in South Africa for the second time in a month to try and secure the release of Breslov Rabbi, Eliezer Berland, who heads the Shuvu Banim Chasidic sect, with its headquarters in Jerusalem and is presently held in prison in Johannesburg awaiting extradition to Israel to face sex charges there.
Rabbi Grossman back to assist Rabbi Berland, , left, davening with Rabbi Berland The tzaddik, who has turned down the post of Chief Rabbi, of Rabbi Berland, Chaim Reicher. After his earlier post-Pesach visit to Berland, Rabbi Grossman described Rabbi Berland’s conditions as “extremely difficult”, maintaining that Berland is held “inside, and substantiated reports, however, Jewish Report has written that Rabbi Berland personally requested
Berland’s hearing ends as it started, dramatically
Randburg magistrate denied Rabbi Eliezer Berland (pictured, left, for JR Online by Ilan Ossendryver) bail after his “brazen” escape from Holland while on bail there. His lawyer Harold Knopp presented legal precedents for internationally wanted criminals sticking to their bail conditions, including that of gangster Shai Musli, in an effort to convince the court to grant bail. Prosecutor, Adv. Nerisha Naidoo, expressed dismay at Knopp’s connecting Berland and Musli. SA “does not have to bend over backwards for a fugitive from justice,” she said. FOLLOW THE DAILY DRAMA...
Berland’s hearing ends as it started, dramatically, On Thursday 28 April, after a fraught and sometimes bizarre hearing, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, wanted, . This means that Berland, 79, will be detained at the Medium A section of Johannesburg Prison, known, will be doing its best to have Berland’s extradition implemented as quickly as possible. It is understood too that Berland will be allowed to keep the single cell that Regional Magistrate Pravina Raghunandan had ordered he should have due to his age and dietary requirements. Rabbi Berland

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