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Colloquium: Parties eagerly seek solution
About 80 representatives of the South African Jewish community’s shuls, community organisations and youth groups, all affiliates of the Cape Council of the South African Jewish Board, attended a much anticipated community colloquium in Cape Town to try and head off an Equality Court case brought by two observant Orthodox Jews who object to women being refused the right to sing at secular events hosted by secular communal organisations this past Monday.
Kol Isha was actually immovable halacha, saying: “The understanding that Kol Isha requires women not to sing is a very recent interpretation and only one of the many ways that Kol Isha has been, comments from students at the event characterised the Board’s current stance on Kol Isha as “rape, the Jewish people until now”, pleading with them to not give up on a halachic prescription (such as Kol Isha) now. His suggestion was that perhaps no singing at all would be a peaceful compromise. Rabbi
Proposal unacceptable, says Cape Board
The Cape Council of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies has emphatically denied having reached any compromise with the three claimants who are taking the Cape Board to the Equality Court over the constitutionality of not allowing women to sing at Jewish secular events.
of our differing constituencies. Our challenge is to be as inclusive as possible.” The Law of Kol Isha An element of Orthodox Jewish law, or halachah, said Marx, “is that of the prohibition of men hearing a woman singing as a solo voice (Kol Isha). The SA Orthodox rabbinic leadership and many, on story & comments 06 April: Board sued in Equality Court over ‘Kol Isha’ – 9 user-comments 13
Who represents South African Jewry?
Behind the furore over my colleague, Rabbi Julia Margolis, being invited to lead the interfaith prayers at the DA’s recent electoral conference is the premise that it is only the Orthodox Chief Rabbi, Dr Warren Goldstein, who can represent South African Jewry to the public. I want to take strong issue with this assumption and question why it is held by many in our Jewish community.
nor belief. This was made clear by the recent Kol Ishah debate, when Rabbi Goldstein used
WIZO pays tribute to women through Rebecca Sieff Awards
Every year on August 9 we celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa, a public holiday that pays homage to the women of our nation - who fought tirelessly against the tyranny of the apartheid government.
, for example, the recent kol isha issue and the right of women to obtain a get. In the 21st
Users in fine voice on a wide range of topics
JR Online users are becoming famous for their online argy-bargies over issues in the comments section of the website. It has grown to the extent that many users on the website look to see how many comments there are on a story before deciding whether to read the story and weigh in for themselves.
Court over ‘Kol Isha’ which has had over 2 000 words of comment. The follow-up story published today
Chief Rabbi ‘doth protest too much’ about Limmud
I read the purported justification given by orthodox Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein for the Beth Din’s decision to bar the rabbinate from participating at Limmud with despair and sadness.
. And, no, I won’t play any of the choral bits in deference to his particular interpretation of kol isha
Board treasurer steps down amid allegations
The National SA Jewish Board of Deputies’ newly-elected Treasurer, Eric Marx, has stepped down suddenly amidst allegations regarding his conduct during his term as Cape Board Chairman.
: “This was the first ceremony post the settlement agreement in regard to the Kol Isha issue last year, endeavoured to act in the best interests of the community. Bringing about a resolution on the Kol Isha issue is just one such example.”
Best of the best - Top 35 reads of 2016
As always, not unlike other media houses, The SA Jewish Report Online published the stories most read during the year. Today, we publish the full list of the 35 stories that our readers read most during 2016. The year turned out more one of issues than of individual stories – with eleven of the Top-35 most read stories on the ongoing saga of father-and-son fugitive lawyers Ronald and Darren Bobroff. Every one of the Top-35 include links to the original stories...
Other issues trailing the Bobroffs and that feature multiple times on the list, in order of frequency, were the arrest, extradition and trial of Rabbi Eliezer Berland; men refusing their wives Gets; women singing at Jewish communal events - the so-called Kol Isha matter; and the perennial favourite read – the Sunday Times’ Rich Lists from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. As the annual publication, other men come forward to sign Gets amid community outrage Kol Isha dispute is settled out of court
Cape Board's says no to ‘women singing’ proposal
The Cape Council of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies issued a terse letter at the end of last week regarding the case against them by claimants who want the ban to be lifted preventing women from singing at Jewish communal events, particularly at this week’s Yom Hashoah memorial service at Pinelands Cemetery in Cape Town.
as a solo voice (Kol Isha). The SA Orthodox Rabbinic leadership and many members of their communities, users of this website have to say: 06 April:Board sued in Equality Court over ‘Kol Isha’– 9 user
Top-Reads, Issues on JR Online during 2016
Don’t forget to start reading the best of the best as selected by our readers – coming daily from Sunday 1 January 2017.
their wives GETS. Three were about women singing at Jewish communal events - the KOL ISHA MATTER


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