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Settlement decision strengthens Israel’s bargaining position
Suddenly, it seems as if everyone is an expert in international law. After United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday this week that Washington believes the settlements aren’t inherently illegal, everyone has been weighing in on the matter.
Most of the international community, including the United Nations (UN) and the International Court, is recognised by the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, and is preserved under the UN’s, by the International Court of Justice and the [UN] Security Council”. But, naturally, Benjamin Netanyahu, for Netanyahu, who is fighting for his political survival. No doubt he’ll use it to boost his, to form a unity government, and another round of elections seems inevitable. Netanyahu delighted his
Looking forward with ‘2020’ vision
As 2019 comes to a close, what’s on the cards for 2020? I’ve gazed into my crystal ball again to select the issues to follow in the new year for South Africa, Israel, and beyond.
second year as an elected non-permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council. South, the United States and China. The year 2020 will include reflections on the UN’s five years of Sustainable, speech that unbanned liberation movements and propelled the country on its path to democracy, in Israel, but also no formal downgrade of the embassy either”. It’s unlikely that United States, stalemate persists. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment for breach of trust, fraud
Dr Neguise – embodiment of Balfour Declaration vision
When Dr Avraham Neguise was a little shepherd boy in a rural Ethiopian village, he had no inkling that he would one day become one of Israel’s most prominent politicians and activists for change.
the nations... repairing the world... Israel is helping the African people... and is going to Africa in a big way.” Echoing Netanyahu’s speech at the Economic Community of West African States summit, the African continent and Israel. He has accompanied Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli, have to be united in order to fight BDS and work together to overcome these challenges. Anti-Semitism
Israeli government not the issue, occupation is, says Palestinian PM
I recently sat down with Palestinian Prime Minister Dr Mohammad Shtayyeh in Ramallah to gauge his views on a range of issues including the Israeli elections.
of settlements. Somebody in Israel has to stand up to abide by international law and United Nations, “We know one thing,” he told me. “We know that [Benjamin] Netanyahu is no longer going, and White party, to Netanyahu, I ask him? “I prefer that the prime minister of Israel is somebody, sharing deal between Netanyahu and Gantz. “The issue for us is not the formation of the Israeli, in economic development from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom from where he knows former
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TO THE SPEECH from UN TV with Hebrew subtitles (pictured) - In his address to the United Nations General, week, the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva voted to establish a Commission of Inquiry, comment! Within hours of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu making a deal with the United, to him as the United States. Full story Netanyahu’s, from over. The United Nations is warning that only 10 per cent of those currently on the move from
! There was little new in the duelling speeches of John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, Sep 29, 2016 Go comment! LISTEN TO THE SPEECH from UN TV with Hebrew subtitles (pictured) - In his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York last, to build Israel, develop it and nurture it as the home of the Jewish nationKerry and Netanyahu continue, of the Jewish nation Full story Kerry and Netanyahu
Bibi’s Congress speech, full text & Video
History will tell if Israeli PM’s speech to US Congress last night was well-founded or risked damaging Israel-US relations. Jewish Report Online publishes the full transcript of the speech on the Iranian nuclear threat as well as the complete video. “Iran is the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world” he said. Imagine what they could do with nuclear weapons? Canadian Prof Irwin Cotler will analyse Netanyahu's speech at the opening of the SAZF elective conference, which is open to the community, this weekend. Don't miss it!
Bibi’s Congress speech, full text & Video, publishes the full text of the speech below. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed, boycotted the speech and pundits questioned the wisdom of Bibi enraging President Barak Obama, stations all covered the speech and analysis in great depth There have also been questions about, to try and get Congress to block the current deal on the table between the P5+1 nations negotiating, , something the pundits all say they won’t do. Below is the complete transcript of Prime Minister Netanyahu
SAFI Israel advocacy 2016 conference LIVE BLOG
FINAL POST 16h27 (LUNCH IS BEING SERVED) - Follow the LIVE BLOG of the SA Friends of Israel (SAFI) taking place from 9am to 4pm on Sunday 13 March. This page includes programme notes and speaker information – but the live blog will begin before 9am. As each new post is added, the time will be displayed on this home page link.
at the United Nations. People say that Israelis want security while Palestinians want justice, says, to speeches - this blog is a paraphrasing of what is said, and not a verbatim account; and Anything, their speeches in full. While they are speaking and we are capturing their words – a profile of all, convener, delivered a rousing closing speech to the plenary of the organisation’s fourth annual’s, is the full text of that speech… "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Shalom Umvorach Sanibonani Manene
for close U.S. and international attention. 9. Obama, Netanyahu’s speech and American leadership, Netanyahu’s Likud Party released a statement on Sunday saying that a 2009 speech the premier had delivered, on anti-Semitism has been studiously avoided by the United Nations, the subject of the Holocaust has, , Commentary Magazine, 25 January 2015 Last week many were quick to hail the United Nations conference, afoot last week at the United Nations Human Rights Council was Iran’s turn to undergo its Universal
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of a United Nations resolution taking Israel to task for continued building in the settlements, , 2016 2 Comments On November 2, the United Nations headquarters in New, to build Israel, develop it and nurture it as the home of the Jewish nationKerry and Netanyahu continue, THIS IS WHAT A JCC BOMB THREAT SOUNDS LIKE: Seventeen Jewish Community Centres in the United States, Bibi ‘deeply disappointed’ in Kerry after speech Dec 29, 2016





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