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Berland: Latest news plus video of extradition
Rabbi Berland finally heads home to face the music. SEE VIDEO and picture on the ElAl plane. The newly-extradited rabbi lost consciousness during a hearing held at at Ayalon prison and he was evacuated to the Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Tel Aviv. Follow links for JR-Online's EXCLUSIVE ball-by-ball coverage on the event from the moment the rabbi was wheels-down at Ben Gurion airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
Berland: Latest news plus video of extradition, The video, above, was posted on Rabbi Berland's English-language blog on Wesnesday by followers of their revered rabbi After more three years on the run, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, leader, on Tuesday. Rabbi Berland cuts a lonely figure on his journey to Israel on Monday night. JR, him in the custody of Interpol agents who escorted him on the flight to Israel. Berland fled, . Around 50 of Rabbi Berland’s followers bought all the remaining seats on the plane, says Freeman
Cops bungle third try to arrest Rabbi Berland
Followers say it was Divine intervention, police say he was tipped off. One way or another, as reported extensively by the Sunday Times & Ha’aretz today, armed police raided the Midrand hotel where around 500 members of the Shuvu Banim Breslov sect were staying last Shabbos. The Friday night raid again failed to net Rabbi Berland, who has been in SA since last September. Berland previously stayed in SA until after a second botched attempt to arrest him. He fled to Holland, from where he jumped bail & returned to SA after losing an appeal against his extradition to Israel.
Cops bungle third try to arrest Rabbi Berland, The most recent attempt to arrest Berland, a fugitive on the run from Israel (and who skipped bail, time: Jewish Report discovered the whereabouts of Rabbi Berland and some 500-odd of his followers, , and finally admitting to it having been SAPS on an Interpol warrant; Berland’s fanatical followers, , where 78-year-old Rabbi Eliezer Berland has been staying on and off for five months with a number of his disciples. Berland is one of the leaders of the Breslov Chassidic movement in Israel and head
Who is Yaron Yamin? Meet R. Berland's funder?
One of Rabbi Berland’s (pictured) closest associates and financial backers is the elusive Zimbabwean mining billionaire Yaron Yamin. But just who is Yamin, why is he so closely associated with the Berland family and how did he make his billions? Don’t miss this fascinating story – plus all the updates on one of the biggest stories to hit SA Jewry for many years.'s-funder-
Who is Yaron Yamin? Meet R. Berland's funder?, story about Yaron Yamin and how his relationship with Shubu Banim Breslov Rabbi Eliezer Berland (pictured above) began and has evolved. Yamin (pictured right) housed R. Berland and his, of Berland’s followers to join him for Pesach and, the SAJR was reliably informed, the Bulawayo Holiday Inn, to Joburg and R. Berland went into hiding. Only now, having been able to interview Yamin directly, can, Berland. “Rev Berland opened a map and pointed to Zimbabwe,” one of Berland’s close followers explained
Bad Jews and Berland: Who talks for the Jews?
It is ironic that the provocative play Bad Jews is on in Johannesburg at the same time as the strange saga of fugitive Rabbi Eliezer Berland is playing itself out. Both have been reported on in this newspaper and others. The resonance between them has to do with who takes responsibility for the well-being and behaviour of Jewish communities; both are attracting intense interest.
Bad Jews and Berland: Who talks for the Jews?, with a non-Jewish woman and proposes to marry her. The Berland story, involving a rabbi on the run, Jews, it seemed necessary for South African Jewry to distance itself from Berland. The combined public, letter on the SAJR website said Berland “should be welcomed into the community, he is a messenger, case of supporting Israeli law and Berland’s accountability to it. American poet Rodger Kamenetz said, : they will last forever because there isn’t enough time in the universe to finish their arguments. Berland
Rabbi Berland found - out of reach of Israeli police
Rabbi Berland - who escaped extradition from Holland to Israel last month by disappearing as stealthily as he had from SA last year - has been found. Berland is reportedly on a Caribbean island which has no extradition treaty with Israel. Petit Tobacco Island is so small that it does not appear on Google Maps. The major Dutch daily, Telegraaf, reported this morning that to reach the small island in the Tobago Cays from the Netherlands, one would have to fly to London, Barbados, St Vincent & finally travel by boat. All at a cost of R50 000 per person!
Rabbi Berland found - out of reach of Israeli police, Haredim reports that Berland is on Petit Tobacco Island, a hard to reach small island in the Tobago, - also may have played a roll,” wrote NLTimes today. Berland had been arrested at Schiphol Airport, confirmed that Rabbi Berland’s whereabouts were unclear. On July 7 SAJR Online reported that the rabbi, . However, it seemed that Berland had, in fact, slipped away and fled to an undisclosed country which has, slipping away from the Hawks in SA. Rabbi Berland heads the breakaway Breslov Chasidic Shuvu Bonim
Breslov Rev Berland now SA citizen - says son
In what he touted as a “victory over the Israeli legal authorities”, Rabbi Berland’s son, Nachum, announced on Monday that the Shuvu Banim Breslov sect’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Eliezer Berland (pictured), had been issued South African citizenship and “no longer needs to run”. Nachum had been in SA on Sunday to share his father’s 79th birthday – and brought some of Rabbi Berland’s grandchildren with him.
Breslov Rev Berland now SA citizen - says son, and Pretoria, was a double celebration as Rabbi Berland had obtained his SA citizenship last week. During an interview with Rabbi Berland’s Dutch lawyer, Louis de Leon, in December – the lawyer said, to extradite him, according to Nachum Berland and De Leon. RIGHT: This picture of Rabbi Berland, above) to find out how Rabbi Berland escaped from Holland. Israel "wanted to taunt him", said De Leon, and explained Rabbi Berland’s side of those supposed sex crimes which turned him into the “rabbi
How we found Rav Berland & his band of merry men
After five months and much searching, Jewish report was able to identify where the followers of Rabbi Berland were staying. Around 200 people in family units arrived with Berland in the latter half of 2015. Their numbers are now reportedly over 500. This represents the rabbi, his bodyguards and handlers and over sixty family units according to the Sunday Times. Read how Jewish Report relentlessly sought them out - and found them!
How we found Rav Berland & his band of merry men, It took 5 months, but we found him! From the time Rabbi Eliezer Berland, head of the Shuvu Banim, alone Israel. Could this be true? RIGHT: Was Rav Berland ever on Petit Tobacco Island off, Jewish Report had conclusive evidence that: Rav Berland was in South Africa; He had arrived, followers were staying somewhere comfortable, in or near Midrand; Rav Berland himself was skipping from place to place daily to avoid police detection. Jewish Report was able to glean that Rav Berland
Rabbi Berland's SA road is set to reach its end
Speculation on the imminent extradition to Israel of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the fugitive Shuvu Banim Breslov sect leader, has reached fever pitch when followers posted on both his website and blog just prior to Shabbos last weekend that the rabbi was returning to Israel, supposedly of his own volition, after three years on the run.'s-sa-road-is-set-to-reach-its-end
Rabbi Berland's SA road is set to reach its end, )”. Berland is wanted in Israel to face sex charges, yet has evaded police and efforts to arrest, arrives in Johannesburg to take custody of Rabbi Berland.” This news source, which has not always been overly reliable, said that Rabbi Berland “was supposed to board a plane for Israel earlier, YWN, but he did not. “In the Shuvu Banim kehilla in Yerushalayim they expect Rabbi Berland
Rabbi Berland denied bail, faces extradition
Bail for Rabbi Eliezer Berland was denied and he will sit in prison until his extradition is heard Further details will be posted after Shabbat ends.
Rabbi Berland denied bail, faces extradition
Live from all-night vigil for Rav Berland
LIVE broadcast directly from the all-night prayer rally for Rav Berland's release from incarceration in SA.All Wednesday night, the colourful Israeli supporters of Berland held a “Mass Prayer Rally” at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Chevron for their spiritual head. They laid on buses from all over Israel. As things are going in the Randburg courtroom, pundits are predicting that bail will not be granted by Regional Magistrate Pravina Raghunandan Thursday. Read “MASS PRAYERS TO TRY AND DEFEAT THE ODDS” posted this afternoon and feel the energy of this live video...
Live from all-night vigil for Rav Berland

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