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Parents look at options as costs, protests increase
Protests at universities and rising costs of education in South Africa are propelling Jewish parents to reconsider their education options - and, in most cases, Israel is proving to be the ideal option - if SA parents can let go. It is certainly in the best choice for their teens. The co-author, Raisel Druxman, is the public relations manager for IMP International who are the marketing agents for the Na’ale Elite Academy which offers free high school in Israel in English.
AND LINKS CONTINUE BELOW PICTURES Na'ale students show off their Israeli pride Students, more on Na'ale elite Academy, with links to how to see more and contact them, on JR Online here: FIVE
Peace of mind for high school parents, learners
Na'ale Elite Academy deals with the challenging gap between what a parent thinks is best for their teens and hat their teen had in mind. And this is all the more so for South African Jewish mothers who are known for wanting to hold on… tightly.
loving it. These children joined over 10 000 alumni of Jafi's Na'ale Elite Academy where
Five SA youths settle in their Israeli schools
South African teenagers are increasingly joining over 10 000 alumni of the Jewish Agency's Na'ele Elite Academy where they enjoy up to three years of free education and board. Meet the five new recruits who joined the programme for the first time this month. They study in English at first and change to Hebrew once they feel ready to. And, say the five new pupils and their parents, they are loving it!
and these act in co-ordination with Na'ale in South Africa. The function of the Jewish Agency


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