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Chief Rabbi Goldstein in Berlin
A singular honour befell South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, when in January he was called upon to deliver the prestigious annual Hildesheimer Lecture at the Law School of Humboldt University in Berlin.
Chief Rabbi Goldstein in Berlin, A singular honour befell South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, when in January he was called, in Berlin. Rabbi Goldstein based his address on his doctoral thesis which looks at human rights in relation to the Jewish law perspective. Speaking in English, Rabbi Goldstein kept his audience, the Human Spirit”.) At his return to South Africa, Rabbi Goldstein told Jewish Report of a number, by the university’s dean of the law faculty and another professor, Rabbi Goldstein was called on to speak. “My
A million smiles from Chief Rabbi Goldstein
The Shabbos Project took place in 461 cities in 64 countries and 9 languages around the world last weekend. And, while nobody expected anything but success, “Not even the most optimistic predictions among all of us working on the Project came close to what eventually took place!” says Rabbi Goldstein, who attributes it's success to SA Jewry. Awareness of the Project probably touched at least 25% of world Jewry. Read the full post-event story, with links to all the information and videos….
A million smiles from Chief Rabbi Goldstein, Jewish world will never forget. “I am an optimist by nature”, says Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein talking, !” At the local level, says Rabbi Goldstein, the team had hoped for the same level of success as last year, . And at the International level, says Rabbi Goldstein, “The response has been astounding, both in how far, of these communities on the ground, around the world, did it themselves”, says Rabbi Goldstein. “We gave them, as open files so they could adapt them.” Similarly, says Rabbi Goldstein, French Jewry wanted
Chief Rabbi Goldstein to headline USA conference
Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein will be headlining this month’s Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) Leadership Conference in College Park, Maryland, in the US. The conference takes place from September 18 - 20.
Chief Rabbi Goldstein to headline USA conference, A media release from Maryland, announcing Rabbi Goldstein as the keynote speaker, makes mention of the South African Chief Rabbi’s high standing in world Jewry and the fact that the (now) 47-year-old Rabbi Goldstein, had been only 32 when he became chief rabbi. “He has since become a popular figure in the country, a widely published author, commentator and staunch defender of Israel in a country, and international law. Goldstein has been active in promoting Jewish engagement through initiatives
Chief Rabbi Goldstein’s wearing an armband, not such a great idea
Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein was one of the religious leaders who addressed a recent “Save South Africa” media conference.
Chief Rabbi Goldstein’s wearing an armband, not such a great idea, Rabbi Goldstein is to be commended for joining with other religious leaders at the conference, where he and others spoke out against the deterioration of South African society. Rabbi Goldstein, presumably to further identify his support for the cause, wore a distinctive armband. But surely he should have known better inasmuch as armbands, even today, ignite terrifying memories of Jews being, and murder them by marking them out from the rest of the population. Unquestionably the rabbi wore
Chief Rabbi Goldstein to ANC: Put up or shut up
“Retract or Debate me!” So says the Chief Rabbi to ANC Dep-Sec General Jessie Duarte after she issued a statement on the atrocities of Nazi Germany & asked “the people of Israel (if) the term ‘lest we forget’ (has) lost it meaning.” The ANC “condemns in the strongest terms, the barbaric attacks on the defenceless Palestinian people of Gaza.” The Chief Rabbi was in Jerusalem,where he wrote, “where I have witnessed the situation first hand.” He is very, very angry.
Chief Rabbi Goldstein to ANC: Put up or shut up, South African Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein recently from Jerusalem. “Her hate-filled, provided by a one-on-one debate,” challenges Rabbi Goldstein. Comparing Israel to Nazis is abhorrent, must be held accountable for her morally repugnant words,” says Rabbi Goldstein, which, he says “have brought the ANC into disrepute. Chief Rabbi Goldstein accuses Duarte of being responsible, into divisive diatribe". This, says Rabbi Goldstein, "completely destroys any credibility the ANC had
Victory Park dishes up the davening
King David Victory Park Primary and King David Ariel Grade 1 pupils showed their parents (and some grandparents) how to daven at a special Davening Breakfast on campus last Friday.
Parents and the guest of honour, Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, were in awe of the children’s achievement, bearing in mind that they have been at primary school for such a short time. Goldstein emphasised the importance of davening together with your children
Aish Conference a rip-roaring success
The 18th annual Aish Partners Conference, which took place the weekend of November 17-19, was its largest event to date, with over 1 000 attendees.
The participation of Rav Yisroel Meir Lau, former Chief Rabbi of Israel, his son Rav Dovid Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Rabbi Warren Goldstein, lent stature to the event
Generation Sinai launches Little Givers tzedaka campaign
Generation Sinai is going beyond the classroom with a new and exciting tzedakah project called Little Givers.
A group of primary school kids will join Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein once a month as they visit and volunteer at chesed organisations across the country
A milestone of precious loans
The Rambam Charitable Trust recently reached a milestone, having loaned a total of more than R150 million to members of the Jewish community.
The trust, a free-loan society and lender of last resort for members of the South African Jewish community who require financial assistance, has been in existence since 1995. It aims to ensure that the funds provided uplift the recipient and do not become a burden. To celebrate the occasion, the trust presented a large cheque to Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein at the HOD this week. Pictured (from left): Rambam trustees Barry Levitt, Mike Miller and Alec Levy with Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein
Rabbinical association elects new executive
The South African Rabbinical Association, the official body representing South African rabbis across the country, held a significant general meeting towards the end of 2018 to discuss weighty matters affecting the community.
new executive, seated from left, Rabbi Mendel Lipskar, Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, Rabbi Yossi Chaikin (Chairman), and Rabbi Yossy Goldman (President). Standing from left: Rabbi David Shaw, Dayan Shlomo Glicksberg, Rabbi Ron Hendler, Rabbi Yossie Hecht, Rabbi Gidon Fox, Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines, Rabbi, The meeting included the election of Rabbi Yossi Chaikin as Chairman of the association to replace Rabbi Gidon Fox, who stepped down. A number of younger rabbis were also elected to the executive



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