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  • Our stats are going through the roof

    Dec 08, 2013 Go comment!
    It seems that everyone in Jewish SA and World Jewry is following events on SAJR Online. Between Friday and mid-day Sunday SAJR Online had more visitors from the USA than from South Africa itself – although returning SA users are spending an average of almost eight minutes on the site! And they keep coming back. FOLLOW THE EVOLVING STORY WITH US!
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  • Goebbels' namesake put to death

    Nov 26, 2013 1 Comment
    Over 35 years since his 1977 hate murders of Jews and African Americans, Joseph Paul Franklin was executed last week. At 26 he changed his name to Joseph Paul, in honour of Paul Joseph Goebbels. The monster, who is believed to have killed at least 28 people and once bombed a Shul, later told the court that he wanted to 'find a Jew and kill him.'
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  • New Tannenbaum exposé: “The Grand Scam”

    Nov 13, 2013 Go comment!
    Business Times editor Rob Rose’s new tell-all book published last week exposes startling new facts on the Ponzi scheme that fleeced wealthy businessmen of R12.5-billion.
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  • Building bridges through genealogy research

    Oct 26, 2013 Go comment!
    “The size of the Holocaust is so big, it is incomprehensible. I wanted to individualise it by understanding how the atrocity touched particular families.”
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  • Don’t do us any favours

    Oct 16, 2013 Go comment!
    US peddler of chazzerai won’t carry Chanukah or Pesach deco as it conflicts with CEO Steve Green’s “Christian values”
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  • Portrait of Jewish Americans

    Oct 07, 2013 Go comment!
    Massive new (and maybe biggest ever) study by respected US pollsters Pew shows that 22% self-identify as having no religion and 60% who have married since 2000 chose non-Jewish spouses
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  • Through TOEAC accordions reclaim respectability

    Oct 01, 2013 Go comment!
    “Maybe it’s because the accordion is so physical, you really carry it with your whole body,” Renée Bekkers tells Arts Editor Robyn Sassen in e-mail interview with SA Jewish Report.
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