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Bnei Akiva Machaneh Nitzavim Hayom: ‘Rise to the challenge of life’

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This year, Bnei Akiva has seen successes like never before, with soaring numbers in all our programmes and continuous connections with all our members through a variety of fun, inspiring, and educational interactions.

Now we look forward in anticipation to what is proving to be one of our best camps to date! The build-up thus far has been one filled with excitement, energy, and most of all, tons of effort to really take Bnei Akiva to the next level.

This year’s camp name is “Machaneh Nitzavim Hayom”, and it is all about standing up, taking action and rising to the challenge called life.

It comes from Parshat Nitzavim and it begins with Moshe speaking to the entire nation of Am Israel. He starts off by saying: “You are all standing here today” and from this we see something truly incredible.

By Moshe referring to “all” of us and then going straight into describing the various types of people that make up Am Israel, he is saying that regardless of the differences we think we may have, the truth is that we are all together on this ongoing journey called life. Our strength however, lies in us unifying and standing together.

The next important point is the word “Nitzavim”. This refers to the act of getting up and standing up. It is all about taking a stand and facing whatever challenge may come your way. This is what we wanted camp to be all about, namely, combating apathy, together.

We often see enormous amounts of potential go to waste because people are too easily disheartened and ready to give up or not even trying. In truth it is easier to look it up on YouTube and see someone else do it, than give it a try ourselves.

This year we are fully focused on empowering our channichim (student campers), giving them the sense of belief and willingness to try, while at the same time focusing on our core ideals.

Being a part of Bnei Akiva, means standing up for our belief in Am Yisrael, the Land of Israel, as well as the Torah of Israel. It means being an active and proud Jew and Zionist. It means engaging with the community and world around us, as well as fulfilling our G-d-given purpose on this earth.

To conclude, here’s a message from Yossi Bachrach a member who is currently in Israel serving our nation. It sums up what Bnei Akiva is all about.

“Wish I could be there, man. It's gonna be power! This movement means so much to so many people, as you know. It does more than we want, see or comprehend. It sets ripples running through the generations of our people further than reason could explain.

“It's an amplifier for tiny actions to make huge differences. It's beautiful people creating beautiful experiences for a beautiful youth in our beautiful nation.”

This year, camp will be running from December 6 to 25. See you there! Contact us to find out more:



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