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10 of the best from Bev this week




Our users love Bev Goldman’s weekly pick of the best Zionist writings from around the world. We are told many download and print them out for their Shabbos reading.

Well, with holidays upon us, here’s a chance to pick and choose from a basket of ten top pieces and take them with you to the beach as well!

Bev Goldman - LONG

Bev chooses a broad variety of topics from a wide array of media and writers of all persuasions – her only agenda, giving us choice (see below)!

For those who are not au fait with this website, you will find Bev’s latest offerings for this week directly by clicking HERE.

If, on the other hand, you want to know more about Bev and see other weekly columns of hers, you could go to BEV’S HOMEPAGE, on this website which, of course, is an offshoot of our general BLOGGERS’ & COLUMNISTS’ page.

Another way of tracking down the new stories and blogs is by using our LATEST tab on the main menu bar – this has become second only to our home page in popularity among SAJR Online users and was, in fact, a recommendation by a daily visitor from Toronto who wrote and said there were too many places to look to find what was new.

We challenged Mick to come up with an answer, and he searched the web and found this – what a win. We immediately put it into practice.

Opinion Pieces

Finally, for the discerning user who wants easy access to the latest of our bloggers and columnists’ content, you’ll find it in this special panel on the right hand column of our homepage.

See, users, we just make it easier and easier for you find what you want more and more quickly. SAJR Online really is being built by its users – including our daily monitoring of the content you like reading most. That let’s us give you more of what you want!

Please keep sending those ideas for improvement as well as news tips and leads, pics, simchas, all community activities to – if you think it’s a good idea, most likely so will your peers.

Oh. and before we forget, this was actually a story to show you the varied offering that bev has provided this week. Thanks as always, Bev. Our users love your suggestions.

  • The two-state delusion
  • Mandela from a Jewish perspective
  • A missed funeral and the true meaning of Zionism
  • Conflicting expectations from the Geneva Document between the P5+1 and Iran
  • Saudis’ choice: Iran or Israel?
  • Israel and the Syrian War: An interview with Eyal Zisser
  • In a rare deal, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority shake hands over one thing: Water
  • Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to attend Nelson Mandela’s memorial service speaks of Israel’s growing isolationism.
  • Why isn’t Kerry listening to what the radicals are saying?
  • When did the Quakers stop being friends?

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