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Board calls for nominees for Gauteng Council




To get onto the Gauteng Council, you have to be nominated through an affiliate organisation, you cannot do so as an individual.

The SAJBD has already briefed its affiliates on the organisation’s October conference arrangements. It has requested that they appoint deputies from their organisations to represent them at the conference, and in the voting process.

Nomination letters have been sent to all affiliate organisations, and need to be submitted no later than 21 September – two weeks before the election and conference.

According to SAJBD National Director Wendy Kahn, these affiliates include organisations from across the Gauteng community, including shuls, schools, women’s organisations, youth movements, welfare, outreach, and many more. “A person who has displayed leadership in any of our affiliate communal organisations can be nominated by their organisation to sit on the Gauteng Council,” says Kahn.

“Any organisation affiliated with the SABJD is encouraged to nominate a candidate for the Gauteng Council of the SAJBD. It is important for our affiliate organisations to determine the attributes, skills, and values that they would like to see represented on the Gauteng Council,” says Kahn.

The SAJBD encourages the involvement of younger members of the community, and is open to dynamism within its ranks, Kahn says. “We have a permanent SAUJS representative on the council. The youth movements and SAUJS are all affiliate organisations, and are welcome to nominate their choice of candidate.

“It is not for the SAJBD to dictate the profile of the nominees, it is for the organisations to decide who they would like to represent them.”

The affiliate organisations are reminded to nominate candidates well in advance of the deadline. Kahn explains that prior to the conference, the list of nominees will be distributed to the affiliates, and the delegates from the organisations will vote on 7 October for their preferred candidates.

If you know of anyone you believe should be on the Gauteng board, contact an organisation you and your nominee are involved with that is affiliated to the SAJBD, and put the name forward.

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