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Butterfly symbol strikes a positive chord




“Jarred was treated with radiation and his last MRI was clear,” his mother Michelle told Jewish Report. “But, unfortunately, he has to redo his matric.”

This Sunday, Jarred – a talented musician – will perform with his band Goldilox during the Dance of the Butterfly event at King David High School, Victory Park, at the school’s Black Box Theatre this Sunday, February 26 at 13:30 for14:00.

Jarred, who has become a “Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign” ambassador and his band, will sing their hearts out to remind the audience that there are life choices. He will be joined by A&R of The X Factor (US season three), an America’s Got Talent judge, with celebrity MCs Renos Nico Spanoudess and television and radio producer/presenter Paulinah Somo.

There will be guest performances by “butterflies” from the S0S Children’s Villages South Africa and the Theys Dance School.

Comparing a butterfly to having cancer, was the vision of Addi Lang, local TV personality, who was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. She recalled a butterfly landing in her palm and, in a spirit of positivity, saw herself as the chrysalis (signifying pain) and the afterlife as a butterfly. It is being the butterfly when one really can fly, she believes.

Her “Forever Changed Global Awareness Campaign”, runs every day of the year. She has ambassadors worldwide and has even had her campaign launched in Hollywood.

The “riveting” Forever Changed documentary will be screened at the event. The organisers predict it will change the way one lives one’s life.

Tickets are R250 per person. For bookings, contact Michelle Wood at but as time is running out, it is preferable to call her on 082-6866-704.

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