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Calling Palestinians ‘innocent and unarmed’ is a joke



Maurice Sackstein

Horowitz’s heart is breaking for the poor, innocent, unarmed Palestinians who are being oppressed by the Israelis.

I wonder if Horowitz’s heart was also broken when the three young Israeli boys were murdered by these same Palestinians not so long ago, or the young mother whose throat was slit, together with her young children and baby, by these same innocent Palestinians. I never saw any letters from him then.

To call the Hamas rioters innocent, unarmed protesters is a joke, since we all know that they were not only hurling rocks, but also Molotov cocktails, fire bombs and sending flaming kites into Israeli territory.

Does Horowitz not know that these terrorists were trying to breach the Israeli border to kill as many Israelis as they could?

Does Horowitz’s heart also bleed for the 850 000 Jews who were expelled from surrounding Arab countries, losing their homes and possessions in the process? Does he also want their property and land returned to them? He is free to send his message to Israel, but Israel knows that the vast majority of Jews are 100% behind it, and that’s what counts.

Maurice Sackstein

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