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Captivating artworks set us free

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As we’re gearing up for Pesach in a world where COVID-19 is becoming part of our day-to-day lives and the war in Ukraine continues, we asked Jewish schools to get creative kids to work on their vision for a cover for our Pesach 2022 edition. We got some fabulous work.

We were unanimous about the winner. Tvi Bronstein and Aharon Zwick from Torah Academy said so much in their artwork, which captured people trying to escape COVID-19 and the war in Eastern Europe in a way that’s clearly reminiscent of Jews fleeing Egypt in the time of Moses.

Our second choice was Sydenham Pre-Primary School, which created a joyous rendition of a full family Pesach seder – like we haven’t been able to have for two years – without forgetting the coronavirus germs and the Ukrainian flag and flower to remind us of the war.

In third position, we have King David Pre-Primary School Victory Park, with a golden pharaoh with creative coronavirus germs hovering all around him.

We have put all the schools’ beautiful creations up for you to see. We’re so proud of all of our young artists! Thank you for your effort, and chag Pesach sameach – editor.

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