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King David girls hit high note in Sound of Music

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The hills are alive to The Sound of Music at the Teatro at Montecasino, where two budding young actresses from King David Victory Park (KDVP) Primary School, Stella Sallit and Jordanna Valkin, are playing two of the seven Von Trapp children, Gretl and Brigitta.

In the story, the children, with their father, Captain Von Trapp, and their governess, Maria, flee the Nazis to Switzerland.

“The story is about a lady that goes to the captain’s house to teach the children how to sing, she falls in love with the captain, and they escape the Nazis,” Sallit says.

“I do musical theatre, ballet, and choir. I got into a talent evening, and the lady who ran it told me to audition for The Sound of Music,” said Sallit. “When they phoned and I said I was going to be in the show, I was happy and excited and called everyone I knew.”

Valkin has been going to Cabaret Kids with Shelley Meskin since she was three years old, so she has always had a passion for musical theatre. Valkin heard that they were looking for children for the production, and thought she would try her luck. “A month later, they called me and said I had got it. I tried to be professional when they called me, but afterwards, I screamed, laughed, and cried from excitement,” said Valkin.

“I always wanted to act and be in shows. I love being on stage,” she said. “I like that Brigitta says what’s on her mind. Maria even says in the show that Brigitta tells the truth, especially if you don’t want to hear it. I also love that I can sing, dance, and act in this role. It was such fun”.

“I like that Gretl gets more lines than Marta. I like that I get picked up a lot and I like the clothing. I’m the only one that has dungarees,” Sallit said.

After three weeks of rehearsal, the girls are ready to share the stage with the other children cast as the Von Trapp children while alternating their roles with three other girls.

To prepare for their roles, both girls watched the movie The Sound of Music to learn how their characters act. “I didn’t have any difficulties in preparing [for it]. It was hard work, but my dream come true,” said Valkin. “It was hard to learn some of the lines and some of the dances,” said Sallit.

“The school knows that I’m busy, so it sends work home with my sister, and I do it when I’m at home on the weekends or in a free lesson,” said Sallit.

“While we were rehearsing and on the days that I’m performing, I get work sent home from school. I go to school as much as I can whenever I can, and my school has been very supportive. It will help me catch up,” Valkin said.

“I like the actors but I don’t like the Nazis in the story or the actual Nazis,” said Sallit.

“I love the story because they were one family that stood up to the Nazis and didn’t take their side,” said Valkin.

“We’re thrilled to hear about their participation and achievements,” KDVP told the SA Jewish Report. “We’re immensely proud of Jordanna and Stella for their dedication, talent, and commitment to the arts. Their involvement in such a prestigious production reflects not only their capabilities but also the rich cultural and artistic environment fostered within our school community. We believe that their participation in The Sound of Music not only showcases their talent, but also serves as an inspiration to their peers and the wider community. Their success highlights the importance of nurturing creativity, passion, and hard work in our students, and we’re delighted to see them flourish in such a prominent production.”

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