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Nothing says “Chev” like Purim does!



Tzivia Grauman

After all, Purim charity is all about looking after widows, orphans and the poor and helpless amongst us.  No other day in the Jewish calendar symbolises the Chev’s daily responsibilities more than this festival.

We know the people in need, and can get your donations to them in the most private and confidential way.


Last year 17 shuls participated in this drive. Thousands of enthusiastic donors generated a sense of unity resulting in donations totalling many hundreds of thousands which were distributed to 506 needy families on Purim day.    


This year Purim falls out on Sunday 16th March and the Chev plans to expand all previous efforts by including more shuls, providing more hotspots and reaching more donors.  Good news is that it’s also entirely “kosher” to make your Matanot l’Evyonim donations using digital channels and credit cards.  That’s why Chev staff and volunteers will be manning our call centre (call: 011 5329667/8 or sms 37613 and we’ll call you back) and watching our website for days in advance and around the clock for the 24 hours of Purim.      


As always festive Purim meals will be offered to all residents, and welfare recipients will collect special food parcels and cash. Children from Jewish schools throughout the city will be encouraged to join us on Chev campuses to hand out Mishloach Manot – gifts of ready-to-eat foods to our residents and help to create a joyous Purim atmosphere.


The Beth Din has endorsed the Chev’s Purim efforts, confirming that they fill the highest standards of halachic criteria.  A common misconception is that Matanot l’Evyonim has to be given on Purim day when, in fact, it can be given beforehand…


So, whether you prefer to fulfil your tzedokah Mitzvah the week before, or on Purim day, please watch out for purple people or access our services by phone, sms or online.  


If you would like to be involved and help us this Purim, please contact  or call 011 5329628


 Chev pamphlet


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