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SAJR Online to post Chanukah candles daily




During the eight days of Chanukah, SAJR Online will have a distinctly Chag feeling to it as we will be placing a chanukia on the top right hand side of every page of the website and will change the image each day at Johannesburg candle-lighting time (sorry, Capetonians) by adding another candle.

The artwork has been sponsored by the Jewish Report layout and design guru BRYAN MARON as a community project.

To be quite honest, users, we did discuss reporting the candles every hour or two burned a bit lower – but as soon as we realised the amount of work THAT would involve, the thought went out the window faster than a candle goes out in a hurricane.  

Chanukah gif

The image at right will appear on the fourth erev Chanukah

But do keep a lookout for our chanukia – which we have carefully designed to not upset any of our user-base as some have different beliefs regarding what the correct design is for a chaunukia.

We do think we have come up with a multi-sectorally appropriate design.

SAJR Online will also be blogging live next Wednesday from the Chabad candle-lighting ceremony at KosherWorld where ChaiFM’s 5th birthday bash will also be taking place. Be there – or, if you can’t, follow us live on

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