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Tel Aviv beachfront Trump Towers




 DISCLAIMER: Users should be cautious not to allow the arguments and the personalities to cloud their view. This is a little bit of fun and is NOT REAL NEWS.

With all the reaction to the Trump administration’s intention to go ahead with the 1995 Congressional Law to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, let us not forget that the current Tel Aviv Embassy occupies a large piece of prime beachfront real estate.

Trump Tower TAImagine, if you will, the opportunity this move would create in the property market – with developers scampering to buy up the plot a few years down the line.

Of course, an international property development company like the Trump Organisation itself may become the highest bidder, resulting in a Trump Towers Tel Aviv Beachfront Casino and Resort.

Elsewhere on JR Online (SEE LINKS BELOW) the website has detailed the history of the US Embassy move, the pros and the cons of such a move, what the Trump Election Team had to say and what his new pick for ambassador, David Friedman, has had to say.

RIGHT is a mock-up of a potential future Tel Aviv beachfront – while BELOW LEFT  is where the embassy is currently situated

It is likely that Friedman will immediately move the Ambassador’s main office to the consulate or some other location in Jerusalem, but it remains to be seen whether the Embassy itself would move – for a host of reasons.

Trump-embassyHowever, just for a Chanukah prank, JR Online offers what the new-look Tel Aviv beachfront may look like a few years down the line.

After all, this is a time of happiness, so what’s another dig at ‘The Donald’ – clearly a friend of Israel and probably not the buffoon so many thought him to be – at this time when he and his family are enjoying Christmas and Chanukah in the same house 


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