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The miraculous month of Nissan



The month of Nissan has special significance in Jewish tradition and is emphasised in the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Nissan isn’t merely a month on the calendar, but a time of profound spiritual potential, capable of transforming individual lives and the collective reality of the world. Nissan marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, a season of renewal and rebirth. It’s the month in which the Jewish people were liberated from slavery in Egypt, the month of the exodus, and the month in which they received the commandment to observe the Passover holiday.

These events aren’t just historical occurrences, but timeless lessons about the power of Nissan to bring about miraculous change. One of the key teachings of the Rebbe concerning Nissan is the concept of redemption. He emphasised that just as the Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt in Nissan, so too can individuals experience personal redemption during this month. Nissan is a time for introspection and spiritual growth, a time when the barriers that hold us back can be broken, and we can break free from our own personal “Egypt”.

Central to this message is the idea of seizing the opportunity for positive change. The very energy of the month, infused with the miraculous events of the exodus, provides a unique opening for spiritual elevation. During Nissan, the heavens are particularly receptive to prayer and good deeds, and miracles become more accessible to those who seek them. We should harness the power of Nissan through increased Torah study, prayer, and acts of kindness. These actions not only bring personal blessings, but contribute to the broader transformation of the world. Every positive action performed during Nissan has the potential to tip the scales of destiny in favour of redemption and salvation.

There’s an emphasis on the importance of joy during the month of Nissan. Joy is a catalyst for miracles, and by cultivating a spirit of happiness and gratitude, individuals can draw down blessings from above. This emphasis on joy is reflected in the Passover holiday, which is celebrated with festive meals and songs of praise, commemorating the miraculous events of the exodus.

In addition to personal redemption, Nissan has the power to bring about global transformation. The month of Nissan is a time when the world is ripe for redemption, a time when the forces of darkness can be overcome by the light of spiritual truth.

In the aftermath of the tragedy of 7 October, the message of Nissan becomes even more poignant – a reminder that even in times of darkness, the light of redemption is never far away. This inspires us to respond to such events with increased acts of kindness, prayer, and unity, believing in the ultimate triumph of goodness over evil.

The month of Nissan is a time of miracles and transformation. It’s a time when individuals have the opportunity to break free from spiritual bondage and experience personal redemption. By seizing the unique spiritual energy of Nissan through Torah study, prayer, acts of kindness, and joy, individuals can not only change their reality, but also contribute to the redemption of the world.

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