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Two baddies and a goodie from the Beth Din




Take good with bad

On 27 January the BD issued two kosher alerts regarding Woolworths;

  • The first read: “Please be aware, that as of tomorrow the 28th of January 2016, the fresh fish counter at the Woolworths in Sea Point, will no longer be under Beth Din supervision.”
  • The second said: “Please be aware, that ‘Woolworths grated mozzarella cheese’ has been incorrectly labelled with the Beth Din logo. This product is not kosher. Woolworths are taking immediate corrective action and apologise profusely for the error.

On Tuesday 2 February, however, there was much brighter news:

  • “We are happy to announce, that the ‘Bar-One sandwich ice cream’ is now kosher certified,” said the notice. “A big thank you to Nestlé for the help in making this possible.”

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