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Wholesome soup, with a side of kugel



Wholesome vegetable soup

This soup is wonderful for the seder – in fact, it’s wonderful all year round. It’s delicious and a cinch to make, with easily sourced vegetables.


4 cloves of garlic chopped

2 onions chopped

2 onions cut in half

1 butternut cut into small cubes

6 baby marrows sliced

6 carrots sliced

1 whole bulb of celery, stalks and leaves chopped.

4 tsp vegetable stock

Heat a little oil in a large pot and fry the garlic and the two chopped onions until golden. Add the remainder of the chopped vegetables, and fry together for a few minutes. Fill the pot with water to cover the vegetables, and add four teaspoons of vegetable stock. Allow the soup to simmer for at least three to four hours for the soup to meld together and a rich, aromatic flavour to form. Add more water if necessary.

Golden potato kugel

This potato kugel is a must at any Pesach seder, and is my absolute favourite. By frying the onions until golden and then adding them to the potato mixture, this dish is a winner every time!


10 potatoes grated

2 onions

2 Tbsp oil

3 eggs

¾ cup of cake meal/matza meal

½ tsp salt

Pinch of pepper

4 Tbsp schmaltz

Slice onions into rings and fry in a little oil until golden. Set aside.

Melt schmaltz in a pot.

Into a large bowl add grated potatoes, egg, cake/matzah meal, salt and pepper, and melted schmaltz.

Pour half the mixture into your baking dish, top with the fried onions, and then add the rest of the potato mixture.

Bake your kugel at 180 degrees centigrade for about 45 minutes or until golden and cooked through.

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