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50 bochurim in a dry Mikvah




Some 50 men visited a Mikvah in Melbourne, Australia, but it wasn’t for a quick dip – since there wasn’t any water there at the time. For most of Anash in Melbourne, using the local Men’s Mikvah is a custom that doesn’t extend much further than a quick dip in a warm pool of water.

But last Sunday, they were able to experience a little bit more.

This last week one of the community Mikvaos was being drained for repairing. Capitalising on this rare opportunity, Anash were invited for a guided tour of the Mikvah and its structure. Rabbi Yonason Johnson, Rosh Kollel of the Kollel Menachem, headed the tour.

MikvahIn the first part of the program, Rabbi Johnson delivered a visual presentation on the Halachic issues involved in the construction of a Mikva, comparing various types of Mikvaot and focusing on the hiddurim of a Chabad Mikvah built bor al gabei bor as per the Rebbe Rashab’s instruction.

He then addressed some of the Halachic concerns in refilling the Mikvah and how they will be addressed to maintain its high standard of Kashrus.

In the second part of the program, Rabbi Johnson led the participants on a guided tour of the now empty Mikvah and its Bor (rain water storage tank) and a demonstration of how the preparation and refilling will take place.

Having already learned about it, the attendees had an informed and clear understanding of the structures throughout the guided tour. People listened intently, marvelling at the complexities that surround their daily routine. Many of Melbourne’s prominent Rabbanim, joined in, realising the rarity of such an event.

Over 50 balabatim and bochurim participated in this quality Torah learning program presented by Kollel Menachem Lubavitch. A rare and unique opportunity was definitely used to its full advantage

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