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Apologise for a clean slate



Forgiveness is a wronged person’s way of saying that once again, they trust the perpetrator and his motives.

During the month of Elul, forgiveness means so much more, because you ask those you have harmed to enable you to stand innocently in front of the King of Kings so that you can start the new year on a clean slate.

Quite simply, you’re at the mercy of those who you have hurt, and perhaps that’s the way that it should be. Those who have been hurt by you are able to decide how you start the new year. For that reason, this year, I want to ask forgiveness from those whom I have unwittingly hurt. If I have accidently caused you harm, please let me know, and I’ll try my best to resolve our differences. I would hate to think that there are people out there who are angry with me without me being able to apologise.

In turn, I have decided to forgive those who have hurt me, whether they know it or not. They can know that there’s no resentment between us.

This Rosh Hashanah, after experiencing a turbulent year, I want to start 5783 without hatred, without sin, without the influence of the yetzer hara (evil inclination). I hope I start the year with nothing but holiness, joy, and encouragement from the yetzer hatov (the good inclination).

Shanah tovah, and may you merit starting the year on a clean slate.

Joshua Galgut, Grade 9, King David Linksfield

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