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Art project breathes life into Pirkei Avot



Tzivos Hashem South Africa’s national Pirkei Avot Arts & Culture competition has taken off again this year, with Jewish kids being given the opportunity to share their talent by producing art based on Pirkei Avot, Ethics of our Fathers.

“Study, create, present” is the motto of the competition, which began in 2021, and is designed to bring the teachings alive.

Devorah Leah Wineberg, the director of Tzivos Hashem said: “This year, we have been overwhelmed by the many sign-ups from Jewish kids from all the Jewish schools and beyond. It’s amazing to see the excitement that the children have to be part of this unity Torah learning.”

The kids are gearing up for their projects with interactive Pirkei Avot lessons. Megan Zetzer, a Sandton Sinai parent, said: “Benjamin fully engaged with programme in 2021 and approached the content with enthusiasm. After winning his age category in the competition, he’s eagerly looking forward to submitting another novel presentation this year.”

King David Linksfield pupil Mira Reubenson joins the Zoom classes every Sunday. “The lessons are interesting and I have learned so much. I’m looking forward to making the project,” she said.

“I enjoy the learning on Zoom, and it’s inspiring other kids to learn Torah, even when they could go play soccer. This is bringing Moshiach closer,” said Yedidya Finberg of Maharsha School.

Mikki Steinhauer, a Torah Academy parent summed up the previous competition: “Our son would ask us every evening to learn together, and it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm to learn and grow as a family.”

The expo, from 11 to 18 June, will be open to the whole community.

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