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Bombs – no cause for concern




The cache, including at least 60 bombs and a suicide vest, was discovered by old contractors in the basement of a dilapidated commercial building, being renovated. Noting a suspicious bag, workers alerted police who were shocked to find a haul which included “at least” 60 mortar bombs, seven rifles (AK47s and R5s), 12 revolvers and several pistols and one suicide vest. 

The matter raised the alarm of an already jittery Jewish community in Johannesburg, after last year’s arrest of suspected ISIS-affiliated bombers, Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie, who were caught red-handed as they were allegedly building bombs in support of the Islamic State, according to police.

The Thulsie twins remain in custody on terrorism charges. They are expected to appear in court again in May. They were caught with a list of targets reportedly including one soft US government target and a laundry list of Jewish installations.

Of this week’s find, police spokesman Mavela Masondo said police couldn’t rule out a terrorism link because of the suicide vest found. 

The CSO said there is no reason to indicate that the weaponry was planned to be used against the Jewish community. “But, as always, there is a cause to be vigilant,” it says.

“The CSO is aware of the weapons and explosives found this afternoon,” read its Monday notice. The CSO was very quick off the mark and its notice was likely the first indication of the events for many in the community.

CSO said that it was “in constant contact with the SA authorities” and promised to update the community “as further information becomes available”.

The CSO stressed: “It is merely a reminder of the very real threats faced across the globe.” It warned that “SA is not immune to these threats”.

However, the CSO has not initiated a higher community threat level protocol at this stage.

“This discovery only serves to confirm what we already know,” a highly-placed CSO source told Jewish Report on Tuesday, “the potential is there – all the time…”

CSO recommends that the community “continue to be vigilant” and aware of their surroundings, actively implement security protocols and not lose sight of the fact that, on an ongoing basis, “we face a very real and present threat”.


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