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CSO advisory



The Community Security Organisation (CSO) has advised that during South Africa’s national election,

  • There’s no need for panic;
  • Don’t share unverified information or social media posts;
  • Watch credible news and social media channels to stay informed;
  • If you experience or hear of any possible incidents or protest action near our community, contact the CSO control room;
  • When travelling, establish if the destination and the route is safe. Even if it usually is, this may no longer be the case, so check first;
  • If you do arrive at an area which seems to be problematic, don’t take chances, leave immediately;
  • If you do end up being caught in a protest, remain calm and don’t draw any attention to yourself. Work towards de-escalating the situation, and get away as quickly as possible. If you cannot get away, find a safe place to shelter; and
  • For any emergency, suspicious activity, or potential threats related to the community, contact the CSO on 086 18 000 18.

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