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Chabad kinus focuses on Yiddishkeit and unity

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Chabad Lubavitch shluchim (emissaries) to South Africa gathered for their annual national conference (kinus) recently in a lodge in the countryside. They came from all over the country to connect and learn with and from one another.

Representing the broad spectrum of local Jewish institutions, the gathering focused on best practice, improved leadership, and offering relevant and inspired Yiddishkeit countrywide.

Under the leadership of Rabbi Mendel Lipskar, the rabbis discussed building and growing the unity they have prioritised in South Africa.

The kinus was dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Koppel Bacher, one of the founders of Chabad in South Africa in 1972, and the leader of the community for many decades, who died a few weeks ago. The rabbis recommitted themselves to enhancing the values he stood for all these years, discussing his interaction and communication with the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Formal resolutions were taken by the conference committee to ensure the future of growth of Yiddishkeit in the country. The rabbis committed to more frequent gatherings, both on a social level and in study sessions, to sustain unity.

As far as the wider community is concerned, there will be new Torah study opportunities to familiarise the public with the Rebbe’s teachings and in particular, his vision of a transformed world in the Messianic era. Subcommittees were formed to implement these and many other ideas.

The kinus organising committee resolved to meet regularly to monitor the progress and implementation of the undertakings.

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