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Douglas Murray Live



The SA Jewish Report is delighted to present world famous political commentator, journalist, and author Douglas Murray live in conversation with South Africa.

Appearing regularly on the Piers Morgan show, Murray is one of the most intelligent, eloquent, and outspoken spokespeople for Israel and the Jewish people.

When Howard Feldman and Douglas Murray sit on the couch together, magic will happen.

This unmissable encounter is brought to you exclusively by the SA Jewish Report.

We understand that a few people using older devices were unable to access the audio on Douglas Murray LIVE in Johannesburg on YouTube. We have uploaded a new version of the event at Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. yitzchak

    Mar 16, 2024 at 9:37 am

    Douglas we thank you for your strong support. Many kudos, hope you see a kudu or two.

    Where Orde Wingate strengthened us physically , you have given us the intellectual backbone to fight this fight.
    ( I like your stiff upper lip….a good english trait which Jews don’t excel in.!)

    The question of why all this antagonism towards Jews /Israel…where other injustices are ignored.

    1) Jews are white and of “the North” and represent all the ills of “the South”. colonialism, imperialism slavery settlers…like the pieds noir in Algeria( French settlers) and who serve a substitute need for current nostalgia and sentimentality of the years of independence and liberation of coloured peoples.

    2) As a corollary those unjust societies with unjust regimes (algeria Sudan Yemen e.g.) don’t involve white /Jewish oppressors ,so who cares.(and contradicts the narrative of liberationists). Remember the free pass Al bashir got in RSA even though the ICC is looking for him. (there’s something for Pandor’s box)

    3)Jews/Zionists /Israelis , so to speak have become the transference decoy/ substitute objects of hatred , because ex colonial powers cannot be attacked directly

    4) Within this framework Russia’s assault on Ukraine is confusing for 3rd world types who see white on white violence as sibling rivalry.

    5) Whoopi Goldberg encapsulated the problem recently when she said that Nazi murder of Jews was not racism because it was whites clobbering whites.

    6) Our antagonists hate the “whataboutism”. Throw it in their faces.We cannot be their whipping boys.

    7) Christian and moslem antagonists who have imbibed the inebriating chalice of liberation theology, have no use for us and see us as dispensible.

    8) For Mr guetteres the burning of living Jews in the auto de fe of amongst others in Lisbon is embedded in his DNA. and didn’t occur in a vacuum of Dominican tolerance.Even in the holocaust Jews were gassed to death with cyanide before being subject to cremation.

    9) Mr chuck schumer I guess is planning a coup d’etat against Israel.If we were to vote tomorrow, Bibi maybe out but the new government will bring our hostages held in terms of sharia law, home. Rafah will be no more,
    rotten mamzerim.That Israelis have to be the bimbos for the monkey grinders in Michigan.!!How lower could he get or is he having a seance with Obama,Carter together… sound like he’s hearing voices .

    10 ) I am tormented by the muffled cries of our murdered women and those who are kept in the dungeons of Rafah like wild animals.( notwithstanding the 4th Geneva convention, Mr Zayin Dangle!)
    Let’s rescue them NOW, whatever it takes .Make this a mother of all Ramadans.

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