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Dreary, dirty shops just not kosher



Coming from a journalistic background, I don’t usually write to newspapers or online media, but through recent observations, I thought I must air my views. Even though I’m Jewish, I don’t keep kosher. This is just me. However, when I entertain family or friends who are, I go out of my way to accommodate them.

On one of my recent, but infrequent, visits to some of Joburg’s finer kosher establishments, I was appalled and disappointed at the situation. No names mentioned here, but it seems to me that the owners of these establishments, and there are quite a number of them, just don’t care about their captive market.

On entering a nondescript front entrance, the shops are usually dark, dingy, and unappetising to say the least. If one is expected to entice customers to come in and spend their hard-earned money, and believe me, kosher food is NOT cheap, then at least brighten up and proudly display your wares.

Having a well-lit shop with brightly coloured walls, a clean floor, neatly displayed fridges and shelving is the least one can do to make it appealing. Take note of the major supermarket chains, big or small, where it’s a pleasure to walk in and shop.

To put it mildly, some of these establishments are downright filthy, and who knows what goes on in the kitchens, mashgiach present or not.

If these mom-and-pop stores are to survive in our day and age with online shopping etc, then things had better start improving, otherwise they will go the way of some of our well-known kosher brands that have already disappeared.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sydney Kaye

    Nov 4, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Isn’t being grubby a necessary qualification for a mashgiach?

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