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Attackers must stir JVJP’s conscience



Allan Wolman

Defining racism, they make mention only of Islamophobia, but surely that definition must encompass a host of other “phobias” or “isms”; I am wondering what they’re actually saying.

The crux of their piece, however, seems to be the beef they have with the SAJBD, whom they claim only represents those uncritical of Israel, whereas it should represent the views of the entire community. This is tantamount to saying the South African government only represents members of the ANC and not all its citizens and marginalises others. 

I stand corrected, but isn’t the Board a democratically elected body and if so, these “voices” would be shortchanging themselves by not joining this organisation to represent their views?

The conference addressed the upsurge of anti-Semitism and the best way to combat this, according to JVJP, is by pressurising Israel to negotiate a just peace with the Palestinians.

Who would possibly argue with this? Indeed probably every clear-thinking member of our community would wholeheartedly support such an initiative. I seem to recall that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his recent address to the UN General Assembly and again during an interview on CNN, made an impassioned plea to PA President Mahmoud Abbas to sit down with him with no preconditions and discuss peace.

I don’t seem to recall any response from Abbas. Correction! His response was incitement which precipitated the current wave of knife attacks (some by children as young as 11) and car rammings.

JVJP has raised the Board’s support of Israel during last year’s Gaza war, quoting statistics of Palestinians killed, but not a mention of casualties on the other side. Mention is also made of the destruction of infrastructure and homes that have not been rebuilt.

Perhaps this group is not aware of a donor conference convened last October where over $5 billion was raised for this very purpose; what has happened to that enormous sum if not used to rebuild Gaza?

Full marks to their resolve, guided by their conscience to continue to speak out against injustices and we hope to hear these same voices speaking out against the heinous crime of teaching children as young as 11 to commit murder. Surely this is a cause that must touch the conscience of those seeking a just peace? 


Rosebank, Johannesburg

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