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Front-page publicity given to Dr Levy unnecessary and insensitive



Albert Glass, Cape Town

There can be no justification for publishing this information on the front page of this paper. By your actions, you have set the precedent for anyone, no matter how heinous their crime, to have their cause championed as and when re-instatement may occur.

It does the SA Jewish Report no credit. It’s almost as if the paper is now the vehicle to “advertise” that Levy is back in practice! Was an effort made to consult some of the victims who had laid charges against him to find out how they were feeling?

If you wanted to feature it at all, an article, small in size, and set somewhere other than the front page would have been dayeinu! You have let the discerning community down with this one.

We spend many hard-working hours speaking to and interviewing people for such stories, which are important for the Jewish community to know. This was an important news story specifically about a judgement that was made. It was not advertising nor was it biased to any side. – Editor

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