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Hairs to Noma, stylist on everyone’s speed dial

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When Nomakwazi Ndlovu left her job at Sorbet Drybar Bedfordview four years ago and wanted to start her own business, she had no clue where to begin. She now has a going concern that has thrived through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond with strong support from her Jewish clientele.

After the attacks by Hamas in Israel on 7 October, Ndlovu wanted to express support for Jewish clients after hearing about the devastation.

“I posted on my personal Instagram saying that I supported Israel and all my Jewish clients. I received lots of love from my Jewish clients. I also received threatening messages or texts from my other clients who aren’t Jewish. After that, it made me nervous to take on new clients because I wasn’t sure if they wanted to book me for my skills or to threaten me.”

Amy Tobias, one of her clients, says “Our love for Noma knows no bounds, and we deeply appreciate everything she does for us. She stands proudly alongside the Jewish community and Israel, always wishing my family and me “good Shabbos”, and remaining well-versed in all the chaggim.

Kim Tobias, one of Ndlovu’s beloved clients, and the one who catapulted her business to where it is today, said, “Noma called me and said she would like to give back to the Jewish women who have made her business thrive.”

The two women decided to make a day available to Jewish women who couldn’t have their hair done for a chag, and she donated her time and expertise to pamper 15 women at Sydenham Highlands North Shul on 21 April before Pesach.

“My job is to make women beautiful,” says Ndlovu, “Ever since 7 October, I feel like Jewish women haven’t been OK emotionally and mentally. I felt like they needed a little bit of a treat. I couldn’t do more, but I believed that if I could do that, it would make me and the women feel good.”

She was able to build her thriving business through sheer determination, sharing her talent with the blow dryer with those around her, and one post on Joburg Jewish Mommies singing her praises.

“I put out the first post when she came to me, and we called her a hair magician because she’s unbelievable,” says Kim.

From that post, people were able to see how talented Ndlovu was at her craft.

“She has integrated herself into the Jewish community, grown her Jewish clientele dramatically, and has started doing wedding retinues, brides, Barmitzvahs and Batmitzvahs, sheitels, and private homes,” Kim says.

“Our extraordinary Noma goes above and beyond without hesitation,” Amy says. “Whether she’s tending to 18 bridesmaids for a wedding, ensuring everyone looks their best for Shabbos and yomtov, or providing the swiftest Brazilian treatment in the comfort of your home, Noma effortlessly excels at it all.”

Another client, Nicky Kramer, says, “Noma genuinely cares for every one of her clients. She has integrity and kindness – a total mensch and a brilliant stylist.”

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1 Comment

  1. Pam

    May 19, 2024 at 8:57 am

    How do we get hold of her for an appointment?

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