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Here’s to the heroine in our life



“My mom is the strongest woman I know. Her kindness knows no bounds. She’s absolutely incredible,” said Ronelle Silverstone, a Grade 11 pupil who is home schooled, describing her mom in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

“No matter what, she’ll always have my back, and make me feel better. She always has a solution and knows what to say. It’s not only that she genuinely cares about every single person she encounters, she’s one of a kind!”

As Mother’s Day approaches, families all over the world prepare to honour the maternal figures in their lives. Although Mother’s Day isn’t a specifically Jewish tradition, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our own eshet chayil (woman of valour).

The SA Jewish Report asked high school teens three questions: What stands out about your mother? What makes you think about your mom? What makes you giggle about your mom?

“My mom’s optimism stands out. Whenever I hear her favourite 80s music, especially songs from Wham!, I think of her,” said Rachel Kaplan, a Grade 11 student at King David High School Victory Park (KDHSVP). “The inside jokes we have together make me giggle.

“My mom and I went to a planetarium once, and she suddenly couldn’t stop laughing. Her laughter was infectious, and soon we were both laughing in public for what felt like ages,” Kaplan said.

Eitan Klein, a Grade 11 student at KDHSVP said, “My mom is strong and giving. She’s my role model, and inspires me to work towards my goals and take up hobbies. I think about my mom when I’m doing well at sport and academically – how proud she gets. What makes me giggle is when she gets cheerful, and tells her friends funny stories about me.”

Sean Holliday, a Grade 11 pupil at Glenoaks, said that the thing that stands out about his mom is her ability to help people.

“No matter what’s going on or what my mom needs, she always helps everyone else. The colour yellow reminds me of her. Whenever I see it, I think about all the happy memories with my mom and all the times she made me smile and laugh. My mom makes me giggle when she can’t use technology, and I have to help her with it.”

Brett Maunder, a Grade 10 pupil at Redhill, said that his mother’s “incredible compassion and resilience” stands out for him. “Whatever’s thrown her way, she doesn’t falter and faces it head on. And she doesn’t waver, but in spite of this, she’s always kind and puts others’ well-being before herself, especially when it comes to her children. I giggle when my mom forgets a word or name because she will replace it with ‘zoodill’ or, ‘what’s his name’, but it’s always the most vague or general thing and impossible to figure out what she means,” he said.

Dani Wes, a Grade 11 pupil at KDHSVP, said: “My mother can talk about almost any topic. She knows everything. My mother loves books, so I always think about her when I read. Our baking disasters make me giggle. We once put green food colouring in cake batter by mistake because we thought it was vanilla essence.”

In Judaism, cherishing parents is at the heart of family life. The fifth of the ten commandments tell us to “Honour your father and your mother,” which highlights the precious bond between children and parents.

On the far side of the commandment, Judaism also offers numerous teachings that focus on the highly valued role of mothers. The concept of eshet chayil from the Book of Proverbs praises the wisdom, strength, and compassion of mothers within the Jewish household.

Mother’s Day is a reminder for us to celebrate the incredible women who have sacrificed for us, shaped us, and filled our lives with love, warmth, and boundless strength. It’s a special day for us to honour the superheroes in our lives, who effortlessly juggle countless roles with grace and a memorable smile.

Whether it’s a heartfelt card, a bouquet of her favourite flowers, or just spending quality time together, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express our love and gratitude and shower these extraordinary individuals with the appreciation they deserve.

So, here’s to all the mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, and guardians who make every day just that bit brighter. Happy Mother’s Day!

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